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25 thoughts on “Apple Macbook Air Review

  1. yesssigotmail says:

    completely agreed. It would help, however, a few more USB ports currently have, since full cloud computing will not be ready until after today nothing is outdated

  2. hakuk0 says:

    Someone is clearly a noob who does not know how to use a computer properly. Mac are great if you have the extra money and want something easy to use. To say that all pc crap is not just smart.

  3. julien6541 says:

    I agree with you, but I have yet to go on the air, but I hate PCs and Macs as considering that they do not get viruses, they are fast and do not crash and sexier wile pc for me are the opposite … and you can replace the battery by your self, and I can do it myself and in what almost 9 8 But I agree with rmbgi.

  4. easywebshow says:

    MacBook Pro is better, but they did it because I knew what he was bored! one, as he made this computer, but I know what it is a phone not a phone ok, but it’s soo thin: D

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