1.1GHz dual-core Intel Core M3 processor, Turbo Boost up to 2.2GHz
256GB PCle-based flashstorage
8GB memory
Intel HD Graphics 515

3 thoughts on “Apple MacBook MMGL2LL/A 12-Inch Laptop with Retina Display Rose Gold, 256 GB) NEWEST VERSION

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    An outstanding little computer. I actually purchased this directly from the Apple store, but I love it. I held off buying the 2015 version for a year because I was concerned about the size (12 inches almost seeming too small for a laptop), the new keyboard, a single port, and the capabilities of the Core M processor as opposed to an i5 that comes standard in the MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros. So, this is a review written by someone who’s owned, multiple PC’s, a 2015 13″ MacBook Air, and a 2015 13″ MacBook Pro.First of all, I’ll address the keyboard. I had tapped on it in the Apple store a few times and wasn’t exactly impressed. Coming from the phenomenal keyboards of the MacBook Air & Pro, it seemed to different. However, after using it for the last few days, I have to say it feels amazing to type on. While you don’t get the travel that you do in a MacBook Air or Pro, you do get a satisfying *click* from each keystroke.Second is the trackpad. If you’ve used the 2015 MacBook…

  2. Ronald Epstein says:

    Macbook…WOW!! To begin with, I am an owner of a 2015 Macbook Pro. It’s loaded as far as processor and memory are concerned with an i7 processor and 16GB of memory. Very powerful laptop that has served my needs quite well.When the new Macbook was announced last year, I was somewhat intrigued — mostly by its design. I like to travel, and even the Macbook Pro is a bit too heavy for my tastes. The reason I bought an iPad Pro this year was simply for its portability. However, the iPad is no laptop. I really wanted something ultra-thin and ultra-light.My biggest fear was how much slower a Macbook would be compared to the Pro. However, when I convinced myself that I only wanted to use it primarily for browsing and email (as well as working on this forum), I decided to the pull the plug.This week I bought a space-grey Macbook. I just set it up this morning.As the subject header clearly states…..WOW!!First, this thing is unbelievably…

  3. Trevor Burnham says:

    The perfect computer, for some Just a few years ago, Apple’s laptop lineup consisted of the MacBook Pro (the powerful one), the MacBook Air (the ultra-portable one), and the MacBook (the cheap one). Then the MacBook Pro shed its disc drive and hard drive, making it only slightly bulkier than the once-remarkable Air, and the Air gradually became the cheap one. So in 2015, when Apple launched a radical new ultra-thin laptop design, they decided to give it a fittingly sleek moniker: MacBook. What you’re looking at here is the second model, released in 2016.The big question is, who’s the new MacBook for? Most people are moving toward touchscreens as their primary computing devices, and Apple has embraced that trend with the keyboard-ready iPad Pro. Meanwhile, professionals who use a Mac for intensive applications like video editing need the power of the MacBook Pro. Compare specs, and you’ll see that for about the same price as the MacBook you can get a…

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