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25 thoughts on “iMac 27″ VS Macbook Air 2011 VS Macbook Air 2010: Mac Race

  1. dinnerandashow says:

    @DaNoahBoa 7
    Are you sure? I thought I was using a iMac with a 3.4GHZ i7…
    Thanks for setting me straight.
    Let me know also if my AMD 6970m is really only 1GB rather then the 2GB I thought it was.

  2. abby4u says:

    @TalesOfWar yup i know…just saw the new vid with the MBA vs MBP and the MBP isnt slow at all even…exactly the same….and that too with an ancient 5400 rpm HDD….and if i can afford to put a SSD on my MBP it would beat the MBA hollow

  3. TalesOfWar says:

    @abby4u IOPs (Input Output Operations, i.e., drive dependant tasks) will be a lot faster, but everything else will be slower. The MacBook Pro’s have much better CPU’s. I’d get a fairly big SSD for what you’d pay for the Air, you’ll get all the benefits of the Air’s IOPs performance with all the extra raw power of the MacBook Pro. If you want ultra portability then ignore what I said and go for the Air lol, not that the Pro’s are all that big and heavy for what they are.

  4. TalesOfWar says:

    @fuudog96 He tends to get the new model then sell the previous one. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s prepping the last gen Air he has there for an eBay sale or some other place to sell it on. Macs retain their value a LOT more than other computers, so you can get 50-75% of the original cost back when you sell it, especially if you do it when it’s only 1 generation behind. Look on eBay, there’s still iMac G3’s going for a few hundred. They’re like 13 years old for the older ones.

  5. TalesOfWar says:

    @DaNoahBoa This is an ULTRA-PORTABLE. You can’t put a beefy uber fast quad core CPU in there and expect it to last more than an hour or so. GHz is a myth anyway. These things run twice as fast as the same clock speed Core 2 Duo’s that were in the previous generation because they’re an entirely new, far more efficient architecture. You shouldn’t base an assumption on a spec sheet like this, it’s invariably wrong. These things are a LOT faster than you’d expect.

  6. TalesOfWar says:

    @DaNoahBoa Bollocks. Go compare them to other OEM systems of the same form factor. Even buying the parts and building yourself a tower system with the same or equivalent parts it’s not all that different. Don’t forget the display too. The iMac uses a 27″ IPS panel at 2560 x 1440. HP and Dell displays of that spec cost more than the Apple Thunderbolt Display, despite being the same panel. Apple use LED backlighting too which makes it a far more consistent viewing experience.

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