This week we discuss all the Apple news with the MacBook Air, MacMini, Thunderbolt Display, and OS X Lion. Also discuss the recent Netflix pricing changes, plus much more. iTunes: RSS: Live Stream: YouTube:

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the MacBook Air ultra-portable laptop.
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50 thoughts on “Insanely Great Show – Mac mini, MacBook Air, OS X Lion, Netflix Rage + More (Podcast)

  1. avlisk says:

    Hi, guys. What’s the big deal with a back lighted keyboard? My keyboard on my MacBook has a big, 13″ screen that lights up the entire keyboard. Why duplicate what must be a battery drain? Just looking for the rationale. Thanks.

  2. UEGGOTH says:

    What I love about Netflix is this: I live in Puerto Rico. When Netflix started, we payed the fee and we had unlimited dvd’s and streaming. For some reason, Netflix stopped letting us stream and all of a sudden, we couldn’t even watch movies on the computer. They said we weren’t part of the USA. What I love is, if u want Netflix here, u have to pay the whole fee and u can only get dvd’s in the mail. I find that to b unfair cuz if they take our money, they should at least give us the same shit!

  3. Neb4444 says:

    @wwwinsanelygreatmac I’ve installed Lion on multiple macs and i can confirm that if you have a laptop or a iMac with a magic touchpad or magic mouse it disappears by default. If you don’t have a touch device plugged in it doesn’t disappear.

  4. richardpatrick32123 says:

    Great show as usual – looking forward to next week’s show. Still can’t decide if I wanna get Lion :-/

    I have a new level of respect for you – I LOVED Airwolf!

  5. brettgoudy says:

    best part i got from this, as a new today Mac OS X Lion user… that you can change the scroll back to how it was in 10.6…

    oh and mike!! ps–I remember you complaining about the side bar disappearing, in the launch of Lion, it doesn’t disappear on you, it’s always there on the side as it normally is and was, that must have been a change from developers beta run

  6. MrYamakasi says:

    I have used Lion since the release and I find it really nice. Seems very stable and overall it works great. And the backlit keyboard on the new airs is awesome, i really missed that on the old one.

  7. iAppleHelp says:

    I believe that its good we are moving away from CD’s/DVD’s. Of course, it is inconvenient, but its time to move on. This technology is dying, and its time for us to move more and more to the cloud. (Of course that brings other problems, but its a evolutionary need)

    As always, amazing show, however I have noticed that you don’t post links of websites (such as the wiki one) in the description box. would it be possible to do it in future?

  8. TheSecretCobra says:

    @iTechEverything Most of what was out at the time were Netbooks that were being marketed as ultras-portable. I have the 11″ Air and it’s amazing. It’s a true 1366×768 Display and it seems X4 bigger than my older Asus netbook with a 10″ screen running at a low resolution.

  9. BornToRun001s says:

    @iTechEverything yeah but the difference is that the 11 air has a full sized keyboard, at that time the “ultraportables” did not, it was really cramped 😛

  10. RinozerosJanni says:

    @iTechEverything he actually ment this in a combination..most notebooks had 11-12″ but a smaller builts 11.6″ with normal keyboard..the whole product the complete look nd everything was important for him..and apple uses not low power chips..low voltage ;):)

  11. brainslay3r says:

    @itsonlydesign Yeaaaaaaahhhhh…. I’m sure you could buy a MUCH better display for $1500, like an eizo… that self calibrates and uses a top-notch panel.

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