Which should I buy the Pro or Air? Leave any feedback in the comments. Twitter: twitter.com

25 thoughts on “MacBook Air (2011) or MacBook Pro (2011)?

  1. oobertuberdude says:

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  2. papichulo885 says:

    I never try a New Pro with i7 processor with the Retina display and I think it will be as fast as an Air because if its SSD drive. But this time, I see couples with couples, and apples to apples. No fucking i5 MacBook Pro will be faster than a MacBook Air. And if you find one that will show me know.

  3. papichulo885 says:

    Yes Sir MacBook Pro Air mush faster than I have me a early 2011 MacBook Pro i5 2.3 GHz processor, and a top of the line in late 2010 core 2 duo 2.10 ghz. The difference in speed is an SSD drive on my air. This air boot 3 times faster than the Pro. Fly Air compare to my Pro.

  4. HelloImDean1 says:

    go with the Pro 🙂 I buy the lower end 13.3 “MacBook Pro, but upgrading the RAM to 8GB me even tho it was more than what I need, it’s still great for photo editing and some video editing have:) 🙂

  5. Dylan Fowler says:

    I have a Macbook Air, and it is a very powerful machine. I have several friends who have the Macbook Pro, and if we are messing around with them and looking at photos or videos, web browsing, homework, video editing, music production, etc.. there is literally no difference between my Macbook Air and Macbook Pros. I think you should go with Macbook Air.

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