Macbook Air Commercial

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Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Showcase & Round Up With Macbook Air and ASUS Zenbook NCIX Tech Tips
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27 thoughts on “Macbook Air Commercial

  1. PennCentral9850 says:

    The touchpad on the Zenbook is a complete non-issue for the latest drivers, and the fields are on now touch sensitive. Having learned all the hand gestures, I do not even click on physically more. The one that really rocked my world was the two-finger tap for right click.

  2. PennCentral9850 says:

    I feel the opposite. The hinge on my Acer Aspire 5741 had once a year for the 3 years I had it repaired and it is a big reason why I sold it and went for the all-metal Zenbook. As soon as I heard him say, he would use it to the max on the screen angle, I wanted to scream yes luck with fixing this hinge after a year …

  3. AGroupOfFatGirls says:

    how is the speed on the S3? In view of laptops for college and I love the look of ultrabooks, but I was wondering because of how its half the price of the other two

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