If you could take a second to Like this video, I’d really appreciate it! My Complete MacBook Air i7 (2011) Review! This new model features an all new Sandy Bridge based i7 processor, backlit keyboard, and the new Thunderbolt port. Will these new features be worth the upgrade? Watch to find out, and be sure to Subscribe! Follow me on Twitter for exclusive updates: twitter.com Add me on Facebook: www.facebook.com — MacBook Air i7 (2011) Review MacBook Air i7 (2011) Review MacBook Air i7 (2011) Review
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New Macbook Air First Impressions

New Macbook Air: 1st Boot & Initial Impressions Booting up the new Apple Macbook Air for the first time, and giving first impressions on HD video performance. For more Macbook Air news, check out: TechnoBuffalo: technobuffalo.com Follow me on twitter: cuthut.com New Apple Macbook Air 2010 11 inch New Apple Macbook Air 2010 11 inch New Apple Macbook Air 2010 11 inch New Apple Macbook Air 2010 11 inch
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “MacBook Air i7 (2011) Review

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  3. hunsakermountain says:

    I am not at all tech savvy and am new to Mac. Want tote one for my husband for Christmas. Heroes play some games that he owns on disc. Can he use them on this?

  4. AlexD907 says:

    @hjeepisbest Sweden? Vi också. 🙂 Vi kommer att få MacBook Pro’s. Jag hoppas att vi får 15″ med den dedikerade grafikkortet, men jag är säkert på att vi får MacBook Pro 13″ med Intel HD 3000. 

  5. TNTMinister says:

    @TheCUSTOMlego I know right?
    Whats ironic is I got a MacBook pro, saw the macbook air, and, let’s just say…
    Just because they look so AWESOME…

  6. 502503rox says:

    @frankernels123, I just got my iPad 2 and I am totally blown away. My MacBook pro is sitting in the corner and I haven not missed a beat 😉

    Glad I haven not bought it and got it For FREE, my cousin received his ipad 2 for free too lol. The web address, if I remember correctly, was: freeipad2tablet.info

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