Dell’s response to the launch of Apple’s MacBook Air. The song is “New Soul” by Yael Naim. By THE BUREAU Full Quality Version Available on our website:

25 thoughts on “MacBook Air Parody

  1. DChatc says:

    I am about to to see for myself once and for all how good or bad the macbook pros (which ought to be far more substantial) are at this place which has them incredibly cheap (and seems legit under scrutiny).

    You may want ti look for yourselves, it is just under $10:

    laptops. megafreebie. com/?referral = 3222

  2. dickcheney6 says:

    @NerfVids1 I would never buy a dell because my school had them and they were the most unreliable machines I’ve ever used. They were less than 2 years old, and there were some that had no functioning USB ports left. How can 4 USB ports fail in less than 2 years??? Not only that, there were an overwhelming number of them that had faulty fans that rattled, or bad temp sensors that would cause the fans to run higher than neccesary, or trip the overheat protection!

    Dell= Don’t Expect (to) Last Long

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