Dan Ackerman takes a look at the new 11.6-inch MacBook Air, which features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. CNET TV LINK: cnettv.cnet.com

25 thoughts on “MacBook Air

  1. Jonmad17 says:

    @TMKredible Actually, it’s cheaper than competing laptops like the Series 9 and the new Lenovo ThinkPad. The reason it’s so expensive is because they had to fit everything into a tiny package, which required more expensive soldered parts and a solid state hard drive. It makes it super fast, super quiet, and super light; but more expensive.

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  3. xXxBridgetXMusicxXx says:

    im not one of those people who carries arounf BIG GINORMOUS HEAVY THINGS if i had this…. this would be just enough,…. jesus thank the lord for steve jobbs

  4. ultramasterman says:

    If you’re too much of a pussy to carry something that is a Tiny bit bigger for EXTREME price deduction, go for apple, if you are not a mental retard you would go for something that WORKS, DOESN’T SUCK, AND DOESN’T EAT ALL YOUR CASH.

  5. SUBZEROCODE says:

    I test a new Macbook that they send me by seeing how certain functions performed and then filling out a questionaire about it.Then I kept the Macbook for free.
    I got my Mac from goo(dot)gl/Iq0eO

    See for yourself if you dont believe me

  6. murdoch201 says:

    @DeTr0iTiGeRs Apple only works with limits. Windows is limit-free, no communism system anymore which is watching you! You can Facebook and do that kind of stuff, but on Windows you have the biggest amount of software and games, with which you can do much more.

  7. DeTr0iTiGeRs says:

    @murdoch201 well I already bought MBA so lets just say im off the computer market for a while whether i like it or not lol. I’ve learned specs arent everything, evident from my old hp which had great specs at time, but the ribbon cable to screen broke, gpu failed, wireless adapter failed, hinge on one side broke, and etc.  The Samsung 9 is sexy and has great specs, but it still has windows and im not sure on reliability. With Apple it just seems to work and thats what i want.

  8. murdoch201 says:

    @DeTr0iTiGeRs Then get a Samsung Notebook 9. They are even thinner then this, less weight, build from Duralumin (twice as strong as Aluminium), running an Intel Core I5 (20 times stronger then this processor), a screen which is hundred times better (Macbook air brightness: 260 dpi. Samsung notebook 9 brightness: 400 dpi) and costs only 100 dollars more.

  9. andr00123 says:

    Not expensive if you compare it to the pro. Bought mine for $1600 CAD and that includes the extended warranty. The Air is extremely fast, light, and portable. I <3 it.

    Mouse and bag were pretty expensive IMO.

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