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25 thoughts on “New Macbook Air’s, Mac Mini, OS X Lion and More!

  1. samygg97 says:

    i have a problem, can you help me please. I have a macbook air mini and i don’t know why the keyboard back-lighting doesn’t work. can you please tell me what can i do ?
    Thank you

  2. dinnerandashow says:

    Get the 2010 Macbook Air as opposed to the 2011 Macbook Air if you have a choice.
    The Intel HD 3000 is crap. Most software either don’t support it or is extremely buggy.

  3. etilleta says:

    @0TyMoss0 Then it’s technically illegal, isn’t it? Would I face a problem when I need upgrade the OS in the future? Let’s say if I purchase 1 license and share between me and my friend. So, after we both got the Lion OS on our macs, do we need to sign in into this particular AppleID in order to receive updates? Sorry if that sounds confusing.

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