Today I’m reviewing the new mid-2012 11-inch MacBook Air! INFO ** ** 128GB Flash Storage 1.7GHz Intel i5 Processor 4GB RAM 720p HD iSight Camera 2x USB 3.0 …

19 thoughts on “Rating: 11-inch MacBook Air (Mid 2012 model)

  1. nialljamesbuckley says:

    Great review 🙂 I will say that when battery technology is making some significant progress, I do not know why you would want retina display on one of these. The battery is already a bit of a bottleneck on these ultralights.

  2. theflywoods says:

    The content for video is absolutely great, but at the beginning it is very long before we get as in the MacBook Air itself, but other than that it’s a brilliant rating

  3. Adima Sund says:

    Thanks, but you know that the procedure.It was easy in Windows through the BIOS, but this is my first Mac, so I have no idea how to go about.

  4. iCollectApple says:

    I’m pretty sure you can, but I do not know how. But I know for sure that if you want a MacBook Air 8GB that you know to buy it with 8 GB. You can not upgrade to an MBA.

  5. iCollectApple says:

    The screen is really not too small! I have a 13 “MBP also, and there is a noticeable difference, but the school I find the 11” MBA in size. And it is truly portable. As always, go to an Apple Store and test, if you can, but I do recommend it!

  6. Adima Sund says:

    I am new to mac. I have a doubt. If I install 8gigs RAM, I’ll be able to assign 1-2g concerts for graphics? If so, how? and if not, why? would I decide to buy mac air based on your answer. Since I have terrible experiences wot 3000 series graphics cards in Windows.Vielen Thanks in advance!

  7. Eddie Garcia says:

    hey i plan on getting this mba (especially the 11-inch). the only thing holding me back is the screen size. the screen size is really too small? I am a student and a college business major. I just noticed that the 13 inch is a bit too big.

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