Cheap discount prices with Amazon here Other Apple Volume Discount Today offers best laptop Portability Sophisticated 29th UPDATE September:.. For about 100 days, my 11 “Air my major is computer I’m just so happy with it now as the day when I got battery life has always near claiming the 5 hours Apple, sometimes more power consistently incredible. fast, and, traveling by air is a dream (2.4 pounds and super thin instead of 4-6 pounds for a normal laptop). No scratches on the aluminum body or display. no problems of any kind if my Air is lost or stolen, I would buy the same again without thinking here is my original review. ———– The 11 “2012 Air is a winner in my opinion. It offers excellent performance and it is absolutely amazing portable despite a comfortable full-size keyboard and an excellent display. The design is beautiful, and build quality is exceptional. I ordered my 2012 11 “Macbook Air, the day it was introduced, it was a few days later, and it had been intensively. I also own a 13” late 2010 model MB Air, which my host, was always to this. The 2012 Air SSD is literally more than twice as fast as the SSD in the 2010 and 2011 model Airs. The new Ivy Bridge processors are more than twice as fast as the Core 2 Duo in the 2010 Airs and about 20% faster than Sandy Bridge processors in the 2011 Air Compared to my 2010 Air, the 2012 Air
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