Netflix: Soldier Amazon Store: This is an unboxing of the Late 2010 11.6 in MacBook Air from Apple. This is the smallest, sleekest, and portable laptop of the MacBook lineup that Apple offers. Specs: 11.6″ MacBook Air 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM 128GB Flash Storage Get my iPhone App: New Gaming Channel: Twitter: Website:

25 thoughts on “Unboxing: MacBook Air (11.6″)

  1. chato1895 says:

    Can some one help me okay I got one of my friends selling a mac air cheap but I don’t khow if I should buy it from him like if the Mac is stolen will I get introble or something please respond

  2. TechzAddictz says:

    @stickfiguresmaster hahah first list me as one of your parents..and let me take in the report 95 out of 100.. which is pretty hard..and am in grade 9 .ugh.. :S
    yea.. 😛

  3. stickfiguresmaster says:

    @TechzAddictz ill just list your number under my contacts by my iphone 4 and tell my dad to sign adoption papers (p.s: ill buy you 2 stripers and same for me xD)

  4. TechzAddictz says:

    @stickfiguresmaster hahahaha xD comee :))
    btw id you were in my place, what will you choose? to travel to America for a month studying orr to get whatever you want..?

  5. TechzAddictz says:

    @stickfiguresmaster I can get them ALL!! lesson what my father wants from me ,he wants me to get 95 in the report! pretty easy,, BUT ,he told me to choose one first I get EEVVEERRYY TTHINNGG I want! or travel to america! so what do you say?

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