Video to confirm that a single Radeon 5770 Mac Pro card can drive three displays. Also shows that the card will work in the original Mac Pro 1,1. And, that two cards can be run to drive six displays total.

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36 thoughts on “2x ATI Radeon 5770 Upgrade for 2006 Mac Pro

  1. GafynLloyd says:

    I have just purchased one of the 5770’s for my 2008 mac pro. I have it running now, but it only works on 2 of my displays that are coming out of the mini display (converting to DVI) the other monitor comes out of the DVI and convert to VGA (old monitor) – but this one doesn’t work.

    Did you have to install drivers?


    Cool set-up BTW.

  2. WSGF says:

    @CRAKIZGOOD It wasn’t available when I bought these cards, over six months ago. Apple had released support for the 6000-series in their drivers. And, you need an Apple BIOS on the card for it to work. PC-flashed cards won’t work in a Mac.

  3. VLGEMProust says:

    5.1 inches is unlikely. The diameter of a cd/dvd is 4.7 inches. Leaves only .4 for both sides of the optical drive enclosure and both sides of the tower. Also, I’m not sure of the dimensions of video cards, but it might not leave enough space when you factor in the total width of the GPU + MoBo. It makes sense to standardize the width to xU to make it easy to rackmount, but 5.1 still seems a tad too narrow.

  4. cmivfx says:

    thats dumb. we need better support for nvidia quadro fermi cards like the 6000

    and we need a rack mount device.

    why would apple forget about making machines for the people that make the mobile apps and advertising for them

  5. Terminator5618 says:

    I think Apple shouldn’t try to upgrade the mac pro in Processing power, since i don’t think i’ll ever use all twelve cores more than 20%, but they should go into the Graphics department. I mean the 5870 is cool and all, but i’ll need a bit more if i want crispy graphics and a 2560×1440 resolution with 2xAA. It’s like they’re asking for you to break the warranty and try a 5970. It’s just so frustrating being on the brink of insane graphics, but can’t quite taste it withought a bit of lag 🙁

  6. iJonny015 says:

    @guardianangel1777 Sure call me a fanboy, I don’t really care…to me thats just a complement because I truly am one…I mean I like other companies like Sony for their TVs, cameras, & Playstation stuff and Microsoft for Windows 7 and the Xbox and all the others companies…I just like Apple the best. I dont think there is anything wrong with that. 🙂

    But my comment was probably kind of stupid lol….I mean sometimes I just feel like that but Apple makes mistake too…like the iPhone 4 antenna

  7. Itanium153 says:

    I think you are dead wrong, Apple would be making a crucial mistake if they discontinued the MAC-PRO the power users use the mac pro while the moderate user will use the IMAC.

  8. kuruvata says:

    @jaggedspikerespawn Just because it isn’t a mainstream product doesn’t mean that Apple will discontinue it. Furthermore, Mac Pros aren’t server replacements they could be an alternative. And by mainstream, you mean the average consumer right? Most people in the industries, businesses, companies need more power and storage than an average iMac can provide thus most industries, businesses and companies prefer the Mac Pro.

  9. jaggedspikerespawn says:

    @kuruvata I disagree with that lol, its not a mainstream product and it will eventually be discontinued in this form. Mac Pros are now server replacements so maybe they’ll stick around.

  10. kuruvata says:

    @jaggedspikerespawn I digress. The Mac Pro is much more powerful than any of the iMacs and can even surpass the iMac’s specs. You can soup up your Mac Pro so it’s the best and fastest of all the Macs! I think the Mac Pro is here to stay for the rest of us who need more power!

  11. LeakedFiles101 says:

    @jaggedspikerespawn There’s no way they’ll ever be discontinuing Mac Pro’s. They are extremely powerful, will be even more powerful than anything after this next update, and, put, do you know how many movies, songs (hit songs), games, etc. were made on these things…. a lot!

  12. psychoclown420 says:

    If you want a desktop just buy/build a pc. The mac pro has tons of power but terrible bang for the buck, way overpriced. You can build a pc with more power for 1/2 the price… I used to like macs but now i am beginning to realize that they are for people that don’t know enough about computers to effectively use a pc. Back in the early vista days though, mac notebooks were better than pc notebooks, but idk about desktops. Pc has always been a better choice there.

  13. psychoclown420 says:

    @jaggedspikerespawn yep, they’ll definitely get rid of the ipods. The classic hasn’t seen a refresh at all in 2010 and in 2009 the moved from 120gb to 160gb and in 2008 they moved from 80gb or a thick 160gb to 120gb, but the thing hasn’t changed other than that

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