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another Macbook Pro gaming performance video while playing League of Legends on a Mac client called ilol. ilol connection – League Of Legend …
Video Rating: 4/5

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  1. DexMASTER94 says:

    8000, pak levnější 5000 Nebo 3000 … No, each Šupa: D: D za 20 000 českejch Máté stejně Nebo Jeste Vic nadupanou masinu … ovšem musíte oželit nahryznutý jablko 😉

  2. AMD GameReady says:

    Ale abych pravdu REKL, tak apple pěkně vyřešil místo, se vkládají komponenty .. JIZ jako samotna Bedna se mi líbí came, tu ale per Jeste any problem .. Apple má určitě ventilátory od Delta Electronics, Coz jsou vysokootáčkové, bude tak to určitě při zátěži dělat Rachot, jako Když vzléta 737:-DDD

  3. Gary Wong says:

    I am afraid that GMA 950 graphics card may not be able to arbeiten.Sie League of Legends try to download the game and register (it information on the on the “More tab”), because the map is very old and does not have enough power to PC / MAC play games.

  4. Gary Wong says:

    First play in low settings makes the graphics card last longer, you do not want to overheat the card otherwise your geschraubt.Zweitens I have to change the 60-120 FPS in-game settings.

  5. Sheep Man says:

    Why do you want to play on such low settings with a GT650M? I have a crappy netbook with Intel HD Graphics 3000 and run on low settings at 30 fps to 40 fps …

  6. Gary Wong says:

    No, that is the Macbook Pro 15 “inches. The Specs are in the” Show More “tab.Ihr MacBook Pro is able to play League of Legends, there are in the video, please use this link. Thanks

  7. Gary Wong says:

    It is mostly personal preference, I turn it so low my Macbook Pro does not need to use more power to improve performance because you do not play the game for the gameplay and the graphics, but you may be able turn, high graphics performance.

  8. Sonny Malupet says:

    Sir, I have also 10.6.8 .. this is the step on how to open it properly first: put the LOL in the applications 2: Open the LOL 3: Game :)) simple as that

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