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3 thoughts on “Apple MacBook Pro MD322LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION)

  1. S. Lacey "Cohete Loco" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I REALLY want to give it five stars… but. (UPDATED), November 8, 2011
    S. Lacey “Cohete Loco” (Nashville, TN) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Let me start with the good:
    So awesome. Great OS, fabulous improvements to the existing line bumping up the processor speed and adding the thunderbolt port. This is my second MacBook. The first one I had was a 2006 model, not the Pro. I fell in love with it. This one has had the same effect. I had upgraded my old MacBook to Lion, so I kind of knew what I was getting, but hadn’t been able to enjoy some of the awesome new multi-touch features. The improvements to the OS have been relatively gradual, but substantive. The feel of this machine compared to the old MacBook is far superior. The Unibody construction is solid, sleek and beautiful. It is everything I’d hoped it would be from a look and feel standpoint, but somehow a bit more sturdy.

    For the not so good, I got the stock screen – which is VERY glossy. I mean … REALLY glossy. It’s still beautiful and has better color reproduction than I could ever expect from a notebook. The reflectiveness of the display is only a minor inconvenience if you work in a controlled-lighting environment like me (I prefer it dark) or if you can crank up the brightness.

    My real problem with it? The statement of 7 hour battery life is not just mere exaggeration — it’s a lie. I challenge anyone to show proof that through anywhere near normal use can get more than 2.5 hrs out of it. I’ve got the brightness all the way down to just one notch above ‘off’ and the keyboard backlight off. The first full charge of this battery got me only about 2 full hours. Enabling the battery timer is useless. The “Time remaining” goes from 4 hours plus to less than 2 hours over the span of about 10 minutes. It’s a joke. It’s so bad that I’m thinking I only got half a battery or something.

    I have an extended battery on a Dell notebook that gives me 7.5 hrs of regular use, and had an extra “slice” battery that attached to a Compaq elitebook that gave me 7-8 hrs. I know what 7 hrs of battery looks like. This ain’t it.

    My only other complaint is that it gets really hot. There’s a reason they aren’t called laptops. 🙂

    If you buy this – don’t go into it expecting 7 hrs of battery life, and you’ll be perfectly satisfied.

    All that being said, I think I’m done buying Windows PCs.

    With the help of some responders to my original review, I am seeing much better results from the battery – close to 5 hrs + of normal use. Leaving the original text of the review intact, but updating the rating to the 5 stars the product deserves. I’m extremely satisfied. Very happy Mac owner. 😀

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  2. T. A. Dinh "Never Give Up" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The Ultimate Macbook Experience for Everything! (no joke), December 5, 2011
    T. A. Dinh “Never Give Up” (San Jose, CA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Apple MacBook Pro MD322LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION) (Personal Computers)

    (Over three years of experience in IT with Mac Products)
    -=[750GB Version]=-

    I’ve been maintaining/repairing computers for ten years but the product that has made a huge impact on my life is the Mac. After working with Windows NT, 98, 2000, and XP. I’m glad that I was introduced to the Mac line when the White/Black Macbook was just coming out. Since then, once you go Mac, you can’t go back.

    Apple is a great company, many people think they’ve overrated and overcharge for their products. The main product you’re paying premium for is their operating system and customer support. The operating system is what makes the Mac run so smoothly and safely. You can see the OS works very well with the right specifications, and worry free in regards to getting a virus. How often do you hear about a Mac user running into a virus issue, rarely.

    I’ve worked with the old Macbook Pro 15″ with the i7 Dual Core. This is a huge upgrade from that, it has a performance score twice as much as last years model. This is one of the latest processor in a laptop market today. This is an i7 Quad Processor, and of course I am happy that this is an Intel processor and not AMD. I upgraded to Corsair 8GB 1333mhz Ram. Together with the processor makes this a great buy for multitasking.

    The screen is very reflective. When I use this outdoor it proves a problem to see and I end up squinting at times. But if you’re majorly using the screen indoor (like I do), you will only see how beautiful this screen lights up. It’s really instant on thanks to being LED and you can see how thin that screen is. The resolution on this Macbook is a big improvement over the last years model as well, thanks to the 1GB graphic card.

    Now you’re probably wondering, why I mention this Macbook is for everything. Three simple reasons, it has the graphics card (1GB) that can make it do the most intensive graphic program, we’ve reached the time when programs are being made for both Windows and Mac, and lastly it can have Windows 7 installed as well.

    The graphics has amazed me. I’ve played Starcraft 2, Day of Defeat Source, Team Fortress 2, and Grand Theft Auto IV on high settings. I even can play Battlefield 3 as well while on Medium setting and the quality is beautiful (installed on Windows). The graphics card plays an additional role in the speed of the computer. You can have a great processor and a large amount of ram. But when it comes to watching HD videos, video editing, or playing games, the graphic card has to be good a well. 1GB I guarantee you will have plenty and is just on par with a desktop gaming computer. Most games that are graphic intensive recommends 1GB, looks like this Macbook is prepared!

    Many people say, “Mac’s are not made for gaming”. You can definitely prove them wrong now, you have a 1GB card and that saying is old now. There are many games out available for Mac and they work stunningly great on it. I am surprise myself that Battlefield 3 ran so great! You can get AutoCad, Photoshop, and so much more. But if there’s a certain window product you need to install, well here’s my third reason.

    You now can feel like you paid for TWO laptops and operating systems, thanks to Boot Camp.

    You can install Windows 7 on this laptop thanks to boot camp. Just hold down the ALT key upon boot up after you install it and choose either Mac or Windows to use. Apple has a built in program that walks you through it just like turning on a computer. It’s so simple. you’ll have Windows 7 on this laptop in an hour, thats how long it took me. Thanks to having Windows installed, I can install any program I want. This has a 750GB hard drive so there is a large amount of space for both OS. This Macbook is now definitely made for everything.

    Sorry to say but the battery life is not the rated seven hours unless you plan to only do word documents, light internet surfing, and brightness all the way down. If you play games, browse the web heavily, socialize, webcam, and brightness all the way up, you’d get most likely 3-4 hours only. This is ok for me because I can adjust accordingly of how much power I need. If I’m in class, I’ll be having my brightness level down and the battery can last long just fine. As for gaming, I’ll make sure to be at a desk and with my power adapter handy. Battery life doesn’t affect me whatsoever, and comparing Mac to other 15.4 inch laptops, the Mac has a great power management built in the OS that makes sure it uses next to no battery usage while on standby.

    Overall for the price, you’re not paying for just the cool factor of Apple, but for the customer support as well. If you have a problem with the Mac, there’s a Genius Bar in the Apple Store there with experts to help you out. Within the first year after purchasing it’s free help. Even after the one year they will not mind taking a look to see what the problem is. But with…

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  3. M. Zolikoff says:
    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    20+ year former IT guy makes the switch, and can’t believe he waited this long, December 3, 2011
    M. Zolikoff (Ann Arbor, MI United States) –

    (This review was typed on this machine).

    I researched this purchase EXTENSIVELY via Amazon, Best Buy, other retailers, and my local university (with educational pricing for staff/students/faculty). In the end, I ended up purchasing this machine from Best Buy as the price was the same and I had a line of credit (although I had to pay tax: hey, someone has to help pay for our roads, right?)

    In short, I can’t say enough positive things about this purchase. This machine is INCREDIBLY fast, the interface is slick (although it takes some getting used to coming from the Windows world – especially window minimizing and the function keys), and with an iPhone 4S and iPad 2, iTunes syncing is a DREAM compared to Windows (on purpose, El Steve?).

    The screen is plenty big (if you’re waffling between 15″ and 17″, go to a local Best Buy or Apple Store and play around with each – the 17″ has better resolution, but lift them up and check the weight – I prefer the 15″ for portability and weight, but you’re choice will depend on use), and I ordered the 8GB memory package from Amazon (which should show up any day now). Regarding memory I will say: 4GB is just enough; the OS and apps eat up just about every bit, so I’m looking forward to 8GB.

    The backlit keyboard is a dream to type on, the magnetic charger is kid-proof, and the multi-touch trackpad alone is well worth the price (I’m a big fan of the two-finger “reverse scrolling”, the back-and-forth swiping in Safari is SO convenient, and the 3/4 finger swiping to bring up LaunchPad and the like is great).

    My sole complaint is the lack of USB ports, but only because I’m using a Logitech M305 wireless mouse. If I had a true Mac-compatible Bluetooth mouse this wouldn’t be an issue, but in hooking up an external USB drive for Time Machine backups (a Western Digital 2TB) and the Logitech dongle, I’m out of USB ports when I have to sync my iPhone or iPad. But hey, with everything else being incredibly integrated, I’m not complaining THAT much.

    Taking and syncing videos and pictures via my iPhone (the local Christmas parade!) is flawless, and iTiVo is a must for those with TiVos.

    Regarding apps, take a look at Moom, Alfred, DaisyDisk, AppTrap (for uninstalling apps), and Handbrake.

    I may end up getting the Applecare plan (part # MD012LL/A), but if I do, I’ll get it elsewhere ($244 from other sites vs. $335 from Amazon, just do a search on Google Shopping for the aforementioned part number).

    In summary, this machine is already making my life easier with regard to home pictures and video, expanding my family’s use of our iPad, and backups. Good-bye Windows, Hello Mac!

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