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www.hardknock.tv Exclusive interview with Joey Badass (Bada $ $ ) and CJ FLY. Part 1 begins with the Progressive Era members talking to Nick Huff Barili about on a national tour, while still in high school, such as Pro Era has begun, who is involved and where its going. As the interview continued sued Nick asks Joey how he feels about Lord Finesse Mac Miller and his impact on a mixtape, as Joey. Also a Lord Finesse beat on his mixtape 1999 Nick also asks Joey, if the lawsuit will prevent him from using non-original beats on other projects. As the interview progresses Joey and CJ talk about New York Hip Hop, Nas and Jay-Z comparisons and references to having a conversation with Hov already. Could be a deal in the works for Pro Era with his Roc Nation? Pure speculation on our part, but the view of Joey and CJ face while talking about the Jigga man is priceless. Subscribe to our latest videos, including part 2 of our interview with Joey and CJ Bada $ $ Fly www.youtube.com. You can also follow us at www.facebook.com / hardknocktv and Hardknocktv @ @ NickHuff on twitter.

49 thoughts on “Apple Rumors: Mac Pro / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air

  1. Moaz Jaffer says:

    @ LACK78 I need to get a serious computer, and I’ve always wanted to get a MacBook Pro … I definitely do not like Windows 8 (tiles, and this underground stuff) … I feel like it is disabled. What do you think? Should I wait until the new mac to get?

  2. conn0r644 says:

    I really want to see what was gonna be the new MacBooks sind.Ich a 2010 15 in. macbook pro …. but if the new ones are really nice, I would act this and pay the difference.

  3. DC200560 says:

    Why would they remove SuperDrive? That is the main difference between the Pro and the Luft.Schlank it down safely. Cut the weight safely. But removing the SuperDrive? No way.Persönlich I am thrilled with the aesthetics of the current MacBook Pro lineup.

  4. HueyEscobar56 says:

    Some hairstyles look better if left untended, so that a person will do personally know that I have done, cradling her as a bland, and when I rocked one. But, hey, every his own. Personally, if it looks good to you, keep it XD

  5. Guitarriff1988ii says:

    Yes, you’re absolutely right people have the right to do what they want with their hair, whether pink or silver.But does not mean that is, they have a hot mess.WHY rocks, a high-top, African, J- Braids wavy or if you will not keep it / them properly? Big Daddy Cane, Kid n Play, Eazy E, Ice Cube & Snoop ALL rock styles, BUT, they kept their hair neat.Besides Wayne has shaped dreads free and this is a common look.

  6. BigBangTheory92 says:

    , But he is also getting sued for Fuck Em All and America, talking to people who have their own in this video, only LF Mac sued for 3 million. The guy sued him for America and Fuck Em all suing him for 10 meters.

  7. Alejandro Ramirez says:

    I love these guys music, but seriously on his interview skills work needs to answer lol. I know he has it in him, it’s probably just a matter of experience.

  8. BigBangTheory92 says:

    He is always being sued for two joints on Macadelic (Being America and Fuck Em All) because the two people Suin him feel (Lord Finesse and I forgot the other guys name), even though the projects they feel free, he used the sample without crediting they were right … Which is stupid to me as if the projects are free and he got no profit from them what so ever, how can you really sue him

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