COD MW3 Mac Pro Triple Cinema Display

COD MW3 running on my Mac Pro with 3 27-inch Cinema Display.
Video Rating: 4/5

I could finally

to check my 2008 Mac Pro. I go over the specifications, showing the features and tell you what that power can do housework. Specs: 2x 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon processors (8 cores), 8 GB RAM 2 1TB HDD ATI Radeon 5700 graphics card
Video Rating: 3/5

37 thoughts on “COD MW3 Mac Pro Triple Cinema Display

  1. Jeff Rhinehimer says:

    it is not intended for multi-monitor use. the only solution for them rather extends the same image on the screen, rather than to expand the view of the surroundings. I’m really disappointed with my Eyefinity setup. it going well enough, but limited support is likely something I have not. I tried using 3x 17 “4:3 screen so I could get out of the sleeker. Did not work ..

  2. Decoygaming1207 says:

    Haha you obviously have no idea what goes triple screen gaming. If the installation is correct (he has not widescreen fix) should the resolution of 3×1920 x1080 importance of your FoV is almost 180 degrees instead of 90 for the most games. That means you can see more then on a 55inch tv, not the screen size does not matter, it’s all about combining the amount of pixels. Again, this is not the right setup, he needs widescreen fix to adjust the aspect ratio.

  3. MeatbrickProductions says:

    Stinks a question in one of your videos you said the Blue Snowball, but it’s all right for a beginner, because I just started and I need something cheap, what do you think is better the PX11 Turtle Beach mic or the blue snowball microphone and you do know, a free Windows video editor, not the window movie maker or wax, ik you r in mac but wonder

  4. tulitech says:

    Sit on .. But whatever, I is does not concern me if he wants to spend on it .. I agree it will have a better resolution, and if it’s worth the money to you .. then ok

  5. SupernewtX says:

    No, you have a much better resolution than a 55-inch TV, you can have a great vision of autonomic, and overall it’s just better, it may be more expensive, but worth it, that’s his computer, where it all possible including making photo editing, if you tried to work on a TV as a monitor then it would be really grainy as it is only during this 3 times 1080p 2k. This facility is just a better overall package

  6. EmoticalBigBeats says:

    Awesome, I think if you are playing there makes you feel like the game 🙂 Can you make a video while you are making an NFS game on 3 screens Like it 🙂

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