question of ZettaByteMC : Does anyone think that nvidia 600 series ever to work on a Mac Pro
I just wanted to know if Nvidia’s new cards ever work on a Mac Pro. I know that nvidia-500 series, but why does not 600? Is it because of the power connectors? And what makes a Mac Pro power connections have Best Answer:

response from Lib Nemesis
Apple is very unfriendly when it comes to a lot of hardware (especially high-end) comes to save $ $ when you have control of your customizing and upgrades, building your own PC is the best choice

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One thought on “Does anyone think that nvidia 600 series ever work on a Mac Pro?

  1. Adam says:

    Since there are no drivers for it. Nvidia’s 500 series cards provided for the driver, AMD 6000 series were made by the iMac ones. Electrical connections can always be gotten around, because when you go to a power supply or an external optical drives provide a board.The will probably come in time. Apple may even Nvidia 600 series cards on the next Mac Pro instead of a Radeon 7900 as “ugprade” card.

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