Mac Pro (8-Core) Review

My complete review on Apple’s Mid-2010 Mac Pro (8-Core) model. This machine is definitely pricey, but it offers and the best workstation and lives up to its performance factor. Two 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Westmere” processors 6GB of memory (DDR3) 2x 1TB HDD’s 18x double-layer SuperDrive ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB GDDR5 Are the price points of the new lineup Mac Pro’s worth its price? Find out in the video, and don’t forget to Subscribe to the channel =) Follow me on Twitter for exclusive updates and upcoming news: Check out iEnlive:
Video Rating: 4 / 5’s Jason Snell gives you a tour of what’s new in Apple’s new professional desktop, the Mac Pro.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Mac Pro (8-Core) Review

  1. pianohero87 says:

    i am not a mac hater although i do use pc. the reason y i dont get macs is because i dont feel im getting the “bang for the buck.” i understand that mac users are very satisfied with the “nice feel, the slick look, the great performance, well-developed software. etc” I do not disagree with any of this. even i, a pc user, acknowledge the fact that mac software is well-developed for the consumers and using a mac feels great. on the otherhand, if we look at the price range of the mac pro (the qu

  2. guynamedoliver says:

    @BubuSnow93 a used one that has a warrantee and upgraded. I do however agree with your argument that apple sells computers for a much higher price than there value.

  3. BubuSnow93 says:

    @guynamedoliver It will be a reasonable price for a new mac, not for an used one 😉
    OS X is a great Os (i’ve tried to make an hackintosh but not work with my HW), but Apple’s computer have totally nonsense prices.
    If that difference could be “reasonable” with Vista that really sucked, it’s not with W7 that is a good OS.

  4. guynamedoliver says:

    @BubuSnow93 People buy things, upgrade, and sell for a cheaper price because they made money off of what thy did on the machine. And it has been a couple years. Also, here is the 26gb setup:
    4gb 4gb
    4gb 4gb
    1 gb 1gb
    4gb 4gb
    What’s so wrong with that?

  5. BubuSnow93 says:

    @guynamedoliver however, they don’t sell 26Gb mac. To make 26Gb in 8 slot you need to use different size of ram, not the best thing to do…

    Oh, another thing… there’s no 8 core Mac Pro unless you buy a dual processor one, that CAN’T cost 1400$

  6. BubuSnow93 says:

    @BubuSnow93 however, you can’t use 26 gb in 4 slot. You can use 2x8Gb (max available is 8 Gb for 1 slot) an than what?
    How can you get the other 10 Gb?

    Oh, another thing… there’s no 8 core Mac Pro unless you buy a dual processor one, that CAN’T cost 1400$

  7. guynamedoliver says:

    @BubuSnow93 In your opinion, windows is good. In my opinion, I prefer os x. And if your going to cry over that, well then i’m sorry. And because I prefer os x, I want a computer that CAN be easily upgraded. AND can be cheap (I found a 8-core 26gb of RAM mac pro for $1400 on ebay) Hence, I want the mac pro.

  8. BubuSnow93 says:

    @guynamedoliver Windows7 is an excellent OS, and a Pc that costs as much as Mac owns it.
    Not to mention the cost of eventual upgrades… Mac pieces are overpriced, 3more Gb of ram cost 227 €, it’s madness! I’ve paid 42€ fot 4Gb of corsair vengeance…

  9. guynamedoliver says:

    @BubuSnow93 hey fucktard, maybe we want the mac os x. and don’t reply saying ‘oh get a hackintosh’ because those things are as unreliable as hell.

  10. iDiggMGL says:

    @DXXDgame You’re comparing a motherboard to an entire computer?

    SR-2: $600
    2 Xeon 5650’s: $1,992
    5870: about $180
    1TB HDD: about $100

    Not including a case, Wi Fi or bluetooth options, OS, keyboard and mouse, the price is $2,872. That’s MORE than half the price of the Mac Pro and it still missing key components. You’re not using the computer without a PSU, right?

  11. BubuSnow93 says:

    @onlivegamer i see a 5770 and i already laugh, considering that this is a 3500+ dollars machine. FAIL
    A Pc for that price can mount a nVidia Quadro that totally destroy the 5770 and an SSD. There’s just no match. And a 5770 makes no sense on a machine like this. No CUDA. Mac “Pro” is for idiot. Who would spend 3500$ for a machine that is totally overrun by a same price PC ?

  12. Hokrollo1 says:

    Got to remember they use Xeon CPUs (server CPUs), so it’s not a gamer machine. If you want to be able to upgrade your computer, you should just build your own PC. You will then get a lot more power for your gaming for less money.

  13. MetalSlab says:

    Haha. All the gaming nerds are compensating for their latent jealousy by describing their feeble attempts to build a supposedly ‘comparative’ system at a fraction of the price.

  14. Minimum754 says:

    Apple took it and ran this time. It just kills me I can’t have the Mac Pro right now. Very well done design, perfect OS, universal OS support, and highest specs I have ever seen in a personal computer. This blows away any other computer. The basic specs beats mine in all areas besides the GPU. Mine can run any game in full settings with no lag. Truely outstanding. I can’t wait to get one and use Final Cut Pro on this beast…

  15. jadamsnz says:

    Yes, if you have the knowledge and skills (I do but still buy Macs and build PCs) but you can’t buy a fully made up system of the same spec from a name brand for less than a Mac Pro.

  16. jadamsnz says:

    1. This is a WORKSTATION not a PC. Workstations get used for real work, often scientific, where that much memory IS required. In this instances it as an alternative to a Unix system (Windows PCs don’t even rate).
    2. 7300GT is pretty basic but you can stick two ATI 1900s in it (if you have the money – but that statement applies to PCs that can take two of the same cards too).

  17. Comicdude113 says:

    Okay people, I think the mac is best comp ever. And windows copied mac for vista. But vista looks like a great system 2. So i want to figure out how to get both systems

  18. Liquidmark says:

    Apple does elegance.

    Other manufacturers do whatever is most convenient. Closest thing is Dell’s concept modular PC. Problem is, users can forget about their freedom with something like that. They will have to buy ALL of their components directly from Dell, at Dell’s price. I’ll bet Dell would have a substantial markup for those parts.

    Tho, I’m sure they will hide the fact with a handy-dandy rebate offer.

  19. Liquidmark says:

    Building one is out as well. In order to do dual-core-dual-processor configuration, they need a special motherboard. Special is another word for expensive. Dual Xeon motherboards are not widely available, after all.

    IF they strech every penny, they MAY come in at just a couple of hundred dollars over Apple’s price. I’m just sayin’.

  20. Liquidmark says:

    I tried to tell the PC Heads.

    In order to mount twin Xeon processors, they would need a special motherboard.

    They would have to part with $600 just for the board itself. Even then, it would not support 16 Gb of ram. O_o

    Poor PC heads. They are stuck in the 90’s.

    I pity them.

  21. StandardsDT says:

    A PC should be built like this. No cables or anything. PC manufacturers should learn from Apple that we don’t like messy towers or even ugly ones at all. Companies like Dell, Gateway and HP should really take the Vista Build Kits seriously and build the towers like MS suggested.

  22. GFLPraxis says:

    2400 USD is for a basic system with two dual-core 2.66 GHz Xeon’s. It’s a quad. 1 GB of really fast, ECC RAM, 250 GB hard drive, and a cheap Geforce 7300 GT. That PC you would build would NOT have four processor cores.

    In fact, the system is fully customizable- you can reduce the specs and buy the same system with the same GPU and RAM but with quad 2 GHz cores for $2124- or less than $2000 with education discount. A four-processor machine for less than $2000.

  23. hilfepolizei says:

    >3. You could build a PC that would be able to run anything on the market and into the future for around $1800… thats including a top of the line CPU, GPU and more than enough RAM.
    Nice, I want the information and not just the price.

  24. hilfepolizei says:

    >1. You don’t need 16GB of RAM to run anything these days, and you won’t for some time now.
    You CAN upgrade to 16GB. Standard is 1GB. With 16GB of RAM you can edit HD videos smoothly.
    >2. The specs on this fully outfitted Mac do sound impressive, but you’ll pay for it. I’ve read $2400 USD for a basic system (1GB RAM, 2.66GHz) and no mention of video card.
    Where did you read that? Not on apple’s page, if yes, you didn’t read all the specs.

  25. hilfepolizei says:

    I think you clearly didn’t understand what the Mac OSX features are; what Windows is currently adding to their new OS is actually copy cat of Mac OSX in PAST
    so, what microsoft does is almost just copying, plus, making it worse.

    and you maybe don’t really know what the mac features are, so better check out

  26. Anchordog says:

    I love this argument…”I love this computer and I would definitely buy it…if someone besides Apple made it. I want this exact computer…but Apple wants me to like this computer…so I can’t. I want choice! Although, if I could choose…I would choose this! Why does Apple make this so hard! *falls into Bills Gates arms* LMAO I don’t understand some people.

  27. Anchordog says:

    Who doesn’t know that you can run any Windows game on this by now? Seriously. The whole thing about not being able to game on a Mac is null and void with the release of Bootcamp. I can run F.E.A.R. as well as anyone else.

  28. einsteindesign says:

    1. I need as much ram as possible to run Photoshop, After Effects, and FCP. Just because YOU don’t need 16 GB doesn’t mean no one else does.
    2. $2000 for basic system stripped down, $2499 for an average configuration, and the video card is clearly indicated on Apple’s website. For someone offering expert advice you’re not doing enough research on the topic.
    3. But you can’t BUY one. Apple isn’t going toe-to-toe with hobbyists and DIY builders, they’re targeting Dell’s audience.

  29. bugnotme says:

    Top of the ling GPU for 1500$?
    That’s weird. Even with two NV 7950GX2 cards in sli, that’s 1200$. One by itself is 600$, most people don’t even need two of them, much less are capable of running two. So, one top of the line GPU is less that half of your made up number.

    And everyone here is practically admitting that Macs are now intel PCs running OSX. So, why, again, should I shell out money for a Mac when I have a PC fully capable of running OSX? Because Apple is a prick? I think not.

  30. jessejericho says:

    The funny thing is when you try to upgrade the “basic config”… $360 for an extra 1gb ram???? An extra 500gb hd for six hundred fucking dollars?? That is an out and out INSULT. A gig of ram is around $100. A 500gb drive costs less than $300 retail. (in Canadian dollars).

  31. ZeClassique says:

    Well, IMO there is no need to go crazy here. You can get and AMD Athlon 3500 for a little over $100 CDN. Or an AMD X2 4600 for around $300 CDN.

    BFG GeForce 7900 GTX OC 512 MB = $600. These may not be at the very top of the food chain but they will run anything the average person can through at it.

    Building your own PC is the way to go.

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