It’s upgrade time! This time I am installing the ATI Radeon HD 5770, which is quite the upgrade from my ATI Radeon HD 3870. Also, real quick, I apologize for the low light of this video. As mentioned in the end, I was experimenting with different settings on camera. This definitely will not happen again. Hopefully you still enjoyed it, though! Official GPU link: Social Me: Twitter: ‪ Facebook: ‪ Facebook App: ‪ My Websites: Personal Site: TekSocial ‪‬ Other Channels Mobile Videos: TekSocial Video: Web Hosting Discounts: Squarespace: Go Daddy:
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25 thoughts on “Mac Pro Upgrade: Graphics Card [ATI Radeon HD 5770]

  1. KallumMcKee95 says:

    i was on apples website looking at the mac pros it said 1 ATI 5870 1gb
    and two 5770 1g do they mean 1gb per card or the two graphic card equal to 1 gb in total. kinda a dumb question but just want to make sure.

  2. stevensonrf says:

    Thanks David! I used Your ATI 3870 video to install my old video card and this morning i found Your video on installing my New ATI 5770 card. Small world! Thanks

  3. PierreBLaiter says:

    Hey dude, i m just about to do the same upgrade on my 2006 mac pro. My problem is: I cant find the power cable that s supposed to be used for the new graphics card (since i ve actually got a 7300 gt or something like that which does not need external power). How can i get to that cable??
    Thanks for the little tutorials btw, helped a lot!

  4. nickdog670 says:


    Oh, I thought you meant it would be a waste for a new GPU. Sorry. But as you can see, it can run, and other programs play DVDs fine on OS X when DVD player does not work, so I have heard.

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