404 - Ep 1154:. Where we have a new version before the show ends

cnet.co Apple caught us by surprise this morning when the iPhone 4 there are only six months after the debut of the iPad 3 . An overview of all messages including the Retina MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Mini on tonight’s episode.
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Video Rating: 4/5

29 thoughts on “The 404 – Ep 1154: Where will we have a new version before the show ends

  1. SammichThyme says:

    As no one has complained that the merger does not drive an Apple innovation? Seagate has completed the sale of a hybrid drive for two years now uses a computer as my friend in his drive for games.

  2. Rubinmonkey says:

    Well, I get that in 1 Weg.Aber Apple also knew that they where to make a bigger iPhone that they are gonna make retina displays 2 their iOS devices. You already know what’s gonna be on the next generation iPad anew. The iPad3 was probably already in production when they go 2 began new Dock.Auch their business if they do not then all the functions of the device x 1 buys x2.Und I do not think the update is so big .. if you have a ipad3 then be happy. You do not have 2 buy the latest product.

  3. swiftapollo91 says:

    Steve Jobs will be turning in his grave. One thing that I saw him credit for is it for the consumer. Its product releases sense and we never rushed. apple is somehow always a cash cow. With their marketing clout to get just to buy you.

  4. GameXPresents says:

    The problem is that Apple, when the Ipad 3 made with the old dock connector, they knew they would know to make the new one. You should just wait a little bit to the 3 with the new connector to be solved fair to consumers.

  5. Rubinmonkey says:

    What is the problem? She bought the iPad2, because they thought it was a good device?. It is still the same device as good as the one you decided to buy. Why are people angry because Apple comes with new products? Do you guys buy them just because you want to have the new shit, or because you, the product is I you are one of them wants to have only the most recent, then make sure the apple Geld.Haben got to say they were not gonna a new iPad to make in 6 months? no, what they did wrong?

  6. JBeaard says:

    He has a point, we are stealing. and I’m sorry, but if you call him a dumb ass, because he says, is a fact, then your a dumb ass because you “This ILLEAGEL is not steal damn” last checked stealing was illegal said.

  7. AlexsGraphics says:

    Your jerk one. This is damn ILLEAGEL not steal again. Look steal in the dictionary. If it has not adobe charged for like 1000 fucking quid, then maybe we would think again?

  8. briancolejennifer says:

    Is not it interesting how we do not feel as if we have to steal something? Remember that scene in Office Space when she asks him, “And how is that not steal again” Reference to the app that you run like a siphon cents per transaction by Lumberg the business? His stealing plain and simple.

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