This is a hands-on review on Apple’s new 15 “MacBook Pro with 2.6 GHz Quad i7 processor 8GB ram, 512 Apple SSD and the Nvidia I have a few comparisons 650m. …

19 thoughts on “15 “Retina MacBook Pro Performance Review

  1. tyreese huggins says:

    only bought one. if it does not hurt your pockets and you do not hve stress about the money go ahead and buy. If it stay out of your price range far away lol

  2. evrdrandosity says:

    Right? their most expensive 15-inch has 1gig of video memory on a 650 vs Alienware 18 inch with dual 2gig 680m is doomed for the same price. Fuck you Apple.

  3. destroyer5724 says:

    1.50 The earlier versions of MacBook Pros had an optional upgrade, anti-glare screen added. So I think it’s pretty unfair that you compare the two if one of them was designed to shiny.

  4. 100radsbar says:

    MacBook Pro in my experience difficulty cool haben.Rippen a DVD with Handbrake, or streaming from my Slingbox HD, it sounds like a jet engine. I have a MacBook Pro and a Lenovo Thinkpad T61p (with very similar specs), when streaming from the Slingbox, the Mac fan went beserk and the T61p was not audible. (MacOSX 10.6.8 and Win7 Pro). I ended up selling the Mac, because of the heat and noise problem.

  5. iPhone4Gaddict says:

    Obviously, it is worth for the rich but not youtubers for the majority of people there. This is why 90% of computers are some PCs, becuase its so expensive. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE macs, but (we have a Mac Pro and an iMac) but the MacBook Pro is a bad way to spend your cash.

  6. Ionjohn says:

    close, it is not, you can do this with 4K monitors or TVs, the lowest prices are about $ 5,000 vergleichenEs is also the fact that this is an IPS display, SSD, the backlit keyboard, the touchpad, are expensive, Brand …

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