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Hey guys, About a week ago the new macbook pros came out, i had been waiting for a refresh to buy one so the day the new ones were announced i went ahead and ordered one. Well after a long week of waiting it finally came in today and so here is the unboxing video and some first impressions. The complete specs are; 15.4″ Macbook Pro 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7 4GB Memory 500GB Hard Drive @ 7200RPM SD Card Slot Intel HD Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 330m with 512MB Hi-Res Antiglare Display Thanks For watching!

50 thoughts on “Apple 13″ Macbook Pro Video Review – HotHardware

  1. rodgersmith1991 says:

    @Kingro619 Don’t worry your not missing anything special. For the price you pay your expecting to make this computer last about 4+ years. By that time its so fucking obsolete its crazy. I would just got and get a PC for a third of the price and upgrading a year and a half laterwhich would be equivalent to getting a macbook every 4 years.

  2. thelittlesweetone says:

    @TheRyan41707 13” is lighter if you want to carry it around to school and work etc. 15” has more space for memory and a bigger hard drive, aka. you can abuse it with lots of unnecessary stuff. Macbook pro is awesome, and way better than the new macbook air.

  3. mstiktok10 says:

    Trying to get one to replace my PC. My battery life is horrible only get 2 hours off a full charge and that definitely isn’t going to last in school. Also the Mac has useful applications that I KNOW I will be using on a daily basis.

  4. Jacob937 says:

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  5. oldVideoGamesChannel says:

    @rockteer2000 It’s called a matte screen, it’s anti glare and has accurate color display and in every way is superior to the glossy or black screen as you call it. You gonna LOL at that, bitch?

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