Lisa Gade demos the Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display on Windows 7 via Boot Camp. We use Apple’s drivers, and they work well, but there is no usi …

How is the SSD 15 “upgrade in a MacBook Pro 2012 with Retina display with a OWC Aura Pro SSD OWC Aura Pro: …
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31 thoughts on “Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display with Windows 7

  1. MichaelnMaximo says:

    Some people do not know how to build computers. That does not make them an idiot. Some people like OSX better than Windows.Durchschnittliche users do not even know what is needed to build a computer and are happy with the purchase of computer shop bought (which are terrible). The only reason it is cheaper to build a computer yourself is because no man-hours. And if you buy an Alienware PC, your an idiot. Alienware are crap.

  2. BorderHopper408 says:

    ? I only knew, lol, why did Apple shares so much and liked it so much controversy when apple is old or new tech-tech, their products and ideas are altogether gone, GOOGLE is 10x better, even Facebook. Apple had only hope with Steve Jobs, OK intel i7 2920k, with a 690ti, 512 GB SSD, retina = 250 yes … go fuk yourself I live in Silicon Valley CAPITOL OF TECH … HILLBILLY COUNTRY WHERE U

  3. m4ctroidz says:

    DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 UPDATE FREEInformationenInstrucciónund Anforderungenin m4ctroidz Greetings world stewards (com).: Grodz author and creator of m4ctroidz (com.)

  4. Andrew Hassan says:

    Yes, because you’re going to build a laptop …. Find me a laptop that can keep up the retina MacBook in terms of price, performance, durability and screen. I dare you.

  5. 3Target33 says:

    Chill dude, I have a custom built pc, if apple is expensive as balls, it would be nice to have a different operating system for a laptop (I would never replace my main PC operating system with a stupid copy of OSX) have

  6. MrInfolover says:

    Has it really boot into Windows as fast, or did you just skip the boot time? Also, what are the trackpad driver? In previous MacBook they really suck big time in the windows (hypersensitive, etc)

  7. BorderHopper408 says:

    ? Then why are they going to devalue Apple computer? I can terbyte of ssd, 32 gb ram, i7 4.2GHz (dumbass) with Nvidia GeForce GPU titanium for windows and for the same price …. FUCK Apple Google (ROCKS), SONY (debt), Alienware (Dell) Customize ($ 1,500) 10xBetter

  8. Philippe Nilles says:

    @ PumkinthePumpkin you’re a fucking retarded idiot? before copying stupid 9gag post, do some research! a notebook with 2.8GHz i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD (!), nvidia GT650 m, and all designed in a beautiful, compact aluminum bloc is not f ** king overpriced! But before you go out and buy a crappy, ugly, fat “gaming pc” a cheap, busted, 20 year old car and a McDonald meal ..

  9. OWCmacsales says:

    Not with a 2.5 “form factor drive. For these models would you need (link in the video description) the OWC Aura Pro SSD MacBook Pro with Retina Display, because it is the only spare drives currently on the market for this machine are.

  10. DiferentVideos says:

    has seen the original have SSD chip from SAMSUNG someone .. 🙂 But as we all know that they are completely without friends, Apple and Samsung .. 🙂

  11. OWCmacsales says:

    Blackmagic doing performance testing to determine suitability / capability for various video functions. Raw Video capture offers compressible data … during conversion and processing of already compressed video files to do with incompressible data. If the purpose of your benchmarking is to optimize the video production workstation, then Blackmagic test would be to use – for most other purposes, it is not real results.

  12. OWCmacsales says:

    Blackmagic uses incompressible data in its test. On a SandForce-based drive, it would report lower speeds because the DuraWrite technology used in the SandForce controller compresses the data to achieve in part to its speed. The Blackmagic test is good for a worst-case scenario, the write speed. We have found that the speed of Quick Bench Tools Benchmark (compressible data used in his testing) is more accurate speeds for the average user.

  13. silversrt100 says:

    I just bought the aura 240GB SSD for my 2.6GHz 15 “retina. Did I run the speed test and I’m getting 300MB / s sustained read and 500MB / s sustained writes., The read operations will probably be 500MB / s I m with black magic design speed test utility.

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