Instead of giving you the same MacBook Pro unboxing you’ve seen countless times before, I’m going to kick it up a notch. We’ve got fine art, a great notebook computer, and some accessories. This MacBook Pro was purchased after a long discussion with the community about which system could provide a great HD webcam, post-purchase support, and great software. We decided on going with the best of both worlds, a Mac running Windows. The art featured early in this video is “Party Crasher” by Justin Hillgrove, one of my favorite artists. More information about “Party Crasher” can be found here: The MacBook Pro case is the SeeThru SATIN by Speck which can be found here: The wireless hard drive is the GoFlex by Seagate which can be found here: http

25 thoughts on “Art, Accessories, and a MacBook Pro Unboxing

  1. TheSuperTechNerd says:

    B*tch. Who gives a s*** about your mom? F**k you man. Just shut the f**k up and unbox the MacBook. Stop being an a**hole
    and get a life. Screw you.

  2. MadDogMeh says:

    @AtemKing Macs aren’t immune to viruses, there are viruses for the Mac, I’ll admit there are less, but the number is growing. Nothing is immune to viruses.

  3. AtemKing says:

    Hey Chris just wanted to be sure on what said in the video,is the MacBook Pro 15 inch model that you have really heavy? the reason I ask that was because I’m trying one myself and I’ve been wanted one ever since my friend told the macs are immune to viruses.

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