HANNAH HART TECH TALK: How to install RAM in Macbook Pro

Things get a little embarrassed. On the RAMpage? Just get’s my goat. Cheese.
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25 thoughts on “HANNAH HART TECH TALK: How to install RAM in MacBook Pro

  1. themomaw says:

    1) To discharge static, touch a metal object that is grounded, ie, it has an electric line to Earth. Your laptop is disconnected from everything, it does not.2.) Should try switching which the 4gig modules you use. Can be bad, or it could be just a problem of being together with both, and the only way to tell is they both individually to versuchen.3 too.) Small trays are large in order to hold screws, while the dismantling

  2. Viniter24 says:

    Just a quick tip, discharge static electricity by touching metal piece is a good idea, but make sure that the piece of metal which is not expensive electronics you are actually trying to fix.

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