question of Almaran : How do I connect a MacBook Pro to a lg hd tv
I want games that are on my MacBook Pro on the TV because it’s bigger and it’s playing in high definition. Would also do daily tasks such as microsoft office be cool to do it on my Mac. I want to show the same material from the macbook screen up on my lg hd tv. Thank you! On the website it says that Apple TV can do simple things like stream video, photos and music wirelessly, but not to do something like play. This is only for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and … I think it is with an HDMI cable, but I do not know what wird.Wenn called someone finds out what I can connect cables to the TV and what does then it will be best answer! Also, if the product of the official Apple Store is. Not a cheap plagiarism. Many thanks Best Answer:

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  1. Josh says:

    If you have an appleTV then your set, but if you do not then it’s not so simple. I have a MacBook Pro and Apple TV and its totally worth buying. (Apple TV) allows you to power what. Onto your screen on your TV im not sure but there are probably other ways some program that you can do it. good luck to you

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