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26 thoughts on “How to upgrade RAM on the MacBook Pro (8GB for under $ 50)

  1. canascot02 says:

    Revit I run, it is a building info-modeling program (3D rendering), so I think I’ll max it with the 16th I’ll go with the website that you have to, great prices. Thank you!

  2. Majid Syed says:

    I would say that making teh 16gb only make a difference if your memory-intensive programs such as video editing or 3D rendering software. I have 8 gig and it’s fantastic. I would go with only 16 gb, if the price is really good.

  3. canascot02 says:

    the website that sells you in connection only 1g ram for my MacBook Pro i7 2.0, which is useless, I’m all for atleast 4 GB, 8 total look. Also, do you think I would notice a big difference between 8GB and 16GB, or will I only really notice the improvement to 8

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