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25 thoughts on “Macbook Pro 13″ VS Macbook Air 13″ 2011

  1. rml695 says:

    I’m looking at getting an Air myself. The rationale for this is: Adding flsh to the MBP (especially at the capacity I’m looking at) is at least a $600 U.S. premium, thus making the Air significantly cheaper. Also I don’t use my optical drive much except for when I rent movies or watch movies from my own personal DVD stash, which is not too often. So I figure, why have it built in? It’s just another thing to break. Finally I do agree with Steve’s views that optical media is on it’s way out.

  2. usfyasin says:

    I got the macbook pro late 2011, and the machine is AMAZING. the only disadvantage that i feel is the screen resolution.its not bad, but i feel things are pixelated :S I havent tried out the high res of the air. Although the pro has a regular HDD but believe me it works just fine for me. I was planning on getting the owc ssd but i doubt its worth it if you use the laptop for regular use. Now my biggest question is – is it worth replacing the pro with the air only for the screen??

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