Thanks for watching everyone! I’m in college in Atlanta, so if you’re in Atlanta be sure to shoot me a tweet and we can have a meet & greet! One thing i forgot to mention was the the Mac did come with Snow Leopard, but Apple’s up-to-date program pretty much squashed all that. I also picked up a printer as well!
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25 thoughts on “MacBook Pro 15″ Unboxing

  1. freegifts29 says:

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  2. InfamousDominion says:

    @macintoshtipz Thank you sir. It did come with Lion plus i added memory for a total of 8GB. With my external Hard Drive I have nearly 1TB of storage. I’m real happy. Can’t wait to see your future vids about Lion. Peace

  3. ladylove822 says:

    Ugh, my school is updating our laptops to the MacBook Pro right after I graduate. The teachers already have it so I know it’s a fine piece of machinery.

  4. mathieuemi666 says:

    The MBP Alu design is 2 years old and this is the 10^x th video.
    There is almost no way to distinguish a 2009 model to a 2011 one unless looking closely to the side connectors.
    Then what’s the point?

    Sorry, guys but I really don’t understand why your are uploading this. It maybe great for you but the Internet doesn’t care, or at least I don’t.
    Why do you think your video will be different from other people videos?

  5. JSantana319 says:

    Damn, I miss having that 15 inch Macbook Pro. I had the Antiglare and sold it because I wanted the 13 inch, but now after watching this it makes me wanna get the glossy 15 inch 🙂

  6. suspekt29 says:

    I like how they boast 7 hours of battery life but fail to tell you that your wifi must be limited to none, your screen has to be dimmed to a certain level, bluetooth has to be shut off, etc.. I’m kind of let down because I have a 500 dollar winders laptop that does roughly the same in battery life and it cost 1500 less than my 2009 MBP

  7. RajNee24 says:

    @macintoshtipz I mean I just got home an hour or so ago and it said 89% and now its at 40% I was on Skype but it feels like I can’t open anything if I want to save battery. Even if I just am browsing the web with my wifi off it drains really fast. What do you think I should do? My brother has last years version and his is perfectly fine, he’ll be on it forever!

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