Macbook Pro Intel Nvidia video failure. Black screen fix in HD @ Rebootit in Kissimmee Florida. These Mac Books have the very common Nvidia BGA failure. What happens is with heat and time the Nvidia BFA video chip comes off the logic board aka motherboard. We reflow the nvidia video chip back on to the motherboard or logic board and if the BGA video chip is still good it will come back up.. 9 times out of 10 the reflow fixes this issue. If the video still dont work we examine the BGA chip for heat stress damage.. If the nvidia chip is clean we will reball the ship and then reflow it back on to the logic board. A reball is the process of cleaning off all the factory solder and using a higher grade solder to make clean connections from the nivida chip to the mother board. This is a very hard and time consuming task, if you have never done a reball of a video chip dont try it on your expensive mac! We can do it very cost effectively and we have all the professional equipment to make this a long term fix. In rare cases we have to replace the Nvidia video chip with a new chip, we can do this too. Call for details. 321-332-0710 I hope you enjoy this video, if you find it useful please share this with your friends and comment! All the best, -Pete Mixcatcom on Youtube 321-332-0710 ibook mac book pro apple logic board repair apple Recently, I purchased a MacBook Pro in order to simplify the process of recording videos for upload to YouTube. This was done based on feedback from the community after the question was brought up as to which notebook has the best webcam for HD video recording. What do you think? Is this a step in the right direction? http

50 thoughts on “Macbook Pro Intel Nvidia video failure. Black screen fix in HD

  1. mzreed4life says:

    How much do you guys charge to fix this? I am a disabled vet who is in school online. My kids spilled water on it and I can’t get it fixed for a reasonable price. I have a Macbook Pro.

  2. rogerpt101 says:

    Initially when I turn on my Toshiba laptop, you can see Toshiba logo and windows getting blurry then it will totally disappear and turn black. So I would have to hook my laptop to another working monitor just so I could use it. Do you think it’s the connector or that the LCD/MONITOR is already busted? how much does it cost to repair that? thanks

  3. rogerpt101 says:

    I just bought a macbook pro 17 ” latest model unit because my 5 year old Toshiba laptop’s screen / monitor just died on me. When I would hook my toshiba laptop to another monitor, it still works perfectly fine and that’s the reason I bought Macbook for upgrade I guess. I am planning of sending my old Toshiba laptop back to my family back home in the Philippines. Do you guys fix other laptops other than MBP? Around how much will it cost to fix my monitor or LCD?

  4. vette9998 says:

    @mixcatcom so full the Ultrasonic cleaner with MEK alone or MEK and Water? and run it for 2 hours and then use reflow oven for drying and reflow of solder joints? if im correct

  5. mixcatcom says:

    @reply4reply We only reflow when a customer asks for the cheapest solution, if they want to keep it for a long time we always put a new chip..
    We keep a large stock of new BGA chips on hand, its very common to do a chip swap..
    I dont like to reball as it takes a lot of time and 9 times out of 10 the new chips last longer too.

  6. nicolammorris says:

    I have a mac book pro.I hooked my computer up to my tv and its not doing anything. The key board lights up and i can turn the volume up and down but no picture on the screen. I’m beyond pissed off.

  7. pinkytrolly21 says:

    Hey guys yesterday my laptop slid off my bed and it fell and it cracked the screen and now the screen is black. Everything works. But the screen. I have the best buy warranty and everything. But do you think they will cover it?

  8. sonic3243 says:

    Yes, I see the 14 frames per second and washed out colors.

    And 720p looks like 360p scaled up. No, it’s not my screen. Sorry, Chris, but dropping $3000 on this was a terrible idea. The quality is terrible.

    And I’m not a troll, either. I love your videos. I even got a Mac (not primary computer though) because of your opinions.

  9. A135S4656 says:

    @lockergnome, Do you know if the white MacBook’s camera is HD or not?

    Also is it that they’re calling the new built-in cameras Face time camera instead of iSight now? It’s kind of confusing.

  10. ajamison3 says:

    @randomrazr he explained it before, he wanted a compact all in one solution for when he was on the go. This is opposed to carrying his laptop and a separate camera with him. He even answered this type of question via video around where he either bought it or received it.

  11. donw35 says:

    The video quality is better but I would rather have lower quality and better content. that being said, if the ease of use increases future video production then it was worth it.

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