In this video I am just comparing the macbook pro 13 inch model compared to the newly released macbook air 11 in. Model. I compare everything on the two macs. From speed test, ports, and everything else. All in all I think the macbook pro is great if you take your laptop to work or if you travel a lot. If your looking for more power and faster computer I would surely recommend the macbook pro. Tell me if you had to choose from one another, which one would you pick? And why? Speed Tests: GeekBench 5 Min. Export iMovie 11′ StartUp/Bootup Time Macbook Air 2011 Specs: Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 1.6GHz Dual-Core CPU 64GB SSD Storage 2 GB RAM 1333MHz DDR3 Intel HD 3000 Graphics Price 9 Macbook Pro 2011 Specs: 13.3 Screen 320 Gb hdd 5400 rmp 4gb ddr3 price 99 Follow me on twitter: To get the most updates news and rumours check out my website! benchmarks of Macbook Air 11″ 2011 macbook pro 13″ 13.3 15″ 17″ dual core i5 21th july 2011 thunderbolt facetime USB 2 fast sandy bridge sandybridge TAM ayegear steve jobs tim cook OS lion backlit keyboard Jrproductionx New  MacBook Pro 13″ (2011) Vs. MacBook Air 11″ (July 2011) New  MacBook Pro 13″ (2011) Vs. MacBook Air 11″ (July 2011) New  MacBook Pro 13″ (2011) Vs. MacBook Air 11″ (July 2011)
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See more UCB Comedy Subscribe to UCB http JPound83 loves his new Macbook Pro. Made by UCB Beta Team – The Brig Director – Matt Mayer Writer – Adam Sacks Cinematographer/Editor – Nathan Russell Producer – Mackenzie Condon Crew – Zack Phillips, Crystal Delahanty & Jon Gutierrez Music – Mike Costabile Starring – Thomas Middleditch & Andree Vermeulen

50 thoughts on “New  MacBook Pro 13″ (2011) Vs. New  Macbook Air 11″ (2011)

  1. MineKraftTK says:

    Stop reading the specs off a script! Memorize those specs like a real geek, otherwise you shouldn’t be making videos like these! I have my mbp and mba specs memorized.

  2. DRaG0NREdZ says:

    For a person who will be going to college, will you recommend the 11″ Air, the 13″ version, or the 13″ MacBook Pro for programming, music, videos, and other school stuff? How is the usability on 11″: do you squint a lot when viewing/reading, screen size, keyboard spacing when typing, etc. It will be the main computer.

  3. WastedAvatar says:

    I can get one of these for christmas: MacBook Pro i5 320gb or MacBook Air i5 128gb. I am 13 years old and I go to a private school I like watching YouTube videos and playing games that you download of the Internet. I’m not sure which one because if I get a MacBook air ( which I prefer ) I might run out space.

  4. wolf2r1 says:

    This isn’t even an unboxing video. He’s just being all operation geek squad, and he’s showing off. Also, he acts like he’s never seen a computer before, and youcan tell it was all planned out. The way the lady talks sounds like she remembering her line.

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