Retina MacBook Pro - Review - HD

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Video Rating: 4/5

Lisa Gade checked the Apple 13 “MacBook Pro laptop retina. This is Apple’s latest notebook with a 13.3” 2560 x 1600 IPS display (227ppi). The display is abs …
Video Rating: 4/5

36 thoughts on “Retina MacBook Pro – Review – HD

  1. DonKevonHD says:

    I also have a really neat Steen laptop at home, and I also noticed remarkable difference simply at work will make a. VielLeicht you’re just blessed with more luck I AS 😉

  2. GoodDayLP says:

    You is nice and clear, it comes to the iMac vs. PC? These qualities are neither fast, Hanging yourself less on (do not BOTH) OR YOU Have Sindh leistungstechnisch Comparable to height. Is it all really worth spending € 1,000 more, just because it is “cool”? Done I have it and I’m more or less disappointed.

  3. GoodDayLP says:

    Also, since I both MacBook Pro Retina and will make a normal Windows PC das. Can I Have Faith ‘very good rate. He’s right, too, But Not. Apple hat clearly in video and image processing die ahead. But that was then, too. It has nice properties How do I find IS But Really, Really nothing special, almost a waste of money because IF not die media processing goods. The PC IS the General rounder, Axial Force Direction extensible and Powerful. Summary: Better

  4. SindoouH says:

    But uh uh hat right. The MacBook simply does that OS no difference, since 3D applications rely on both computers back to DirectX and accordingly die same performance nessesary IS. Can it true his, less ram dass OSX verbaucht, that, but Most Creates no bottleneck. The whole thing now based on iOS / Android would make sense. However, for desktop / laptop PC Not, That is quite simply a figment of the imagination.

  5. Revanchist8525 says:

    Very expensive, in fact, you can get build 2013 Samsung Series 7 Chronos with the same quality, very thin, better dedicated graphics card and processor for $ 1,500

  6. CapSolo010 says:

    Gf bought the 13 “i5 2.6 GHz version and I love it. I have an Xbox, so there is no need to use it for games, but for the school it is great. My I (about 3 days I’m not there for too long), but it should be a long life

  7. DCRGAMING1 says:

    In any case, the 15 “especially if you plan on running games on it. Had I the 13” retina but it really was not as powerful as it should have been for the price. “You be future proof yourself even further. I sold my 13” for the extra on the 15 for the 15 “and I was amazed at how much faster it was stunned.

  8. Swen Schneider says:

    Hello, I was thinking about buying a MacBook Pro with Retina Logic Pro (takes a lot of energy for large productions) use denken.Aber I do not know if a modified 13-inch or 15-inch erhältlich.Wie much you know that the power the 15-inch (2,199 bugs) is greater than the 13inch with the modified processor for 1,899 bugs? What would you recommend for a lot of power and a lot of mobility?

  9. yo mama says:

    Sorry, but I just wanted to say that I recommend the 13-inch MacBook Air for this type of use. I would say that you do not really need the extra processing power when just surfing the internet. The MacBook Air is definitely thinner and lighter than even the MacBook Pro with Retina, with 0.68 inches thin and just under 3 pounds. Even if you just want this particular macbook for its display, not to go with the MacBook Air. Although not as good, it still looks beautiful. Hope this helped!

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