Google Tech Talks 30th August 2006, Van Jacobson Research Fellow at PARC. Previously, he was Chief Scientist and co-founder of Packet Design. Previously, he was Chief Scientist at Cisco. Previously he was head of the Network Research Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is studying networking since 1969. He still hopes to make that one day starts a little sense. ABSTRACT Today’s research congratulates itself for the success of the internet and passionately argues whether circuits or datagrams are the one true way. Meanwhile the list of unsolved problems grows. Safety, mobility, ubiquitous computing, wireless, autonomous sensors are, content distribution, digital divide, third world infrastructure, etc., everything bad that is either available from the research or the market was. I use various strained analogies and contrived examples to argue that network research is moribund because the only thing he knows how to fill you in the details of a conversation between two applications. Today, as in the 60s problems go unsolved due to our tunnel vision and not because of their inherent difficulties. And now, as then, make simple change our view, many hard things easy. Google engEDU Speaker: Van Jacobson
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