a video in my “fun with routers” series, depicting the process of “cascading” or another routers, where a main router is connected to other routers and uses them as additional transmitters. Does not require any special firmware for this mod and is almost universally supported by all routers. Most routers can support up to 4 or more cascaded router. This mod is especially useful for those who want a traditional Wireless-G router, which they like but add wireless N capability, or those who like of their wireless network footprint by installing transmitters in different corners building would increase. Ask all the questions as comments, I will not answer private messages
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17 thoughts on “Cascade as a router to increase network coverage or Add Wireless N Capability

  1. RCNEWStv says:

    Awesome! thanks for the help, is a yhing mention on laptops with Windows Vista ensure that network discovery is enabled. It took me awhile to figure out. Great job and thank you! Thumbs up!

  2. samuraicrunch says:

    Hello, I just bought a new E1000 router and want to know if I run the CD first, or do I just have to open the setup on my computer? As you know, my main router and the E1000 is only G N, should I make with the new Wireless N Wirelesss right? The E1000 also have the option of creating a “guest” wireless network that works with the cascading?

  3. SherwinGooch says:

    Information useful for my own poor memory: a. Change router Slave to unique IP address become ist.Option: Regenerate new DHCP assignments in host: ipconfig / releaseipconfig / renew2. Set new slave wireless parameters: Unique name for slave SSID, wireless Safety.3. Slave disable DHCP server DHCP Reservierung.Installieren resulting “slave” router: Connect master and slave via e-peer net-Ports.TNX GUACATECHS again! I hope you make a lot of money advice!

  4. kevinlunderwood says:

    I have a question about the last step. They said after disabling the DHCP to connect the cable to one of the 4 ports on the back of the router. I thought you had to connect it to the Internet connection for this to work? So just looking for clarification, one of the 4 ports or Internet connection? Thanks

  5. SherwinGooch says:

    Guacatechs, Tnx you for this tutorial. I wanted to cascade a router for 2 decades. I heard rumors that it’s not recommended because the Ethernet pulse widths are narrower than the number of cascade increase, thereby. Detection of collisions, to fail intermittently But it works quite well, and you saved me many hours of research. The process that the show is actually very Easy way to people who want to do from the City Park WiFi across the street from my house, thank you very much, indeed!

  6. monkr63 says:

    Question: I have set two Netgear wireless router in a single LAN cascade. They work well. The problem I have is with changing the network passphrase access. If I change the password, the change is for the router # 1, but not for router # 2, if the setup for both shows the change. Log on to the network router # 1 requires the new passphrase, while router # 2 requires the old passphrase / other changes (eg, change the admin password) “cascade” correctly.

  7. Guacatechs says:

    many routers do not have this option, it is a better option for those who use the DDWRT. This tutorial is not DDWRT specific and should people who are with stock firmwares to teach.

  8. D0M1N8R1x says:

    Also mention, that should, if you can spend the extra money for another DD-WRT router set them up with WDS (Wireless Distribution System). WDS may have compatibility problems between different firmware so by sticking with DD-WRT you enjoy WDS, which means the second router in the backyard shack still streaming in that youtube video is how. Walk from the house to the backyard patio (Yes streaming means no interruption switch access points.)

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