A hub is basically a port replicator, meaning it turns one jack into multiple jacks, and a router adds protection measures, deciding which computers can access certain devices. Discover how hubs do not prioritize what they receive with help from an IT professional in this free video on hubs and routers. Expert: Matt Berkowitz Contact: enduserblues.blogspot.com/ Bio: Matt Berkowitz is an IT professional specializing in end-user support for internal networking and hardware-related functions. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

9 thoughts on “Computer Basics : What Is the Difference Between Hubs & Routers?

  1. RawImpactGamers says:

    Help Me please….i play online games on my playstation 3, i am just running a hub to my playstation and 2 other laptops and thats why it slows my connection speed on my ps3 when i play online, to make it faster what should i purchase a router or a switch?

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