The Network Hub 3rd Floor
Networking Hubs
Image by Raul P
This is the current layout of the third floor of The Network Hub.

Flavors offers a centralized (and confusing) social hub
For those struggling with chronic, social-networking addiction, you may want to check out the personalized Web content aggregation site, which allows users to connect all their various Web-centric selves, like Facebook, Twitter, and, …
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Intellect predicts £3bn 'connected home' market
"British homes could be transformed into hi-tech hubs with communication networks built into them," the report claims, "delivering everything from advanced entertainment services to health care by the end of the decade." Sadly, the report isn't yet …

Majority Of Young Americans Use Internet For Pleasure
In their study, Pew also said that 12 and 13 year old girls had the most negative view on social networking hubs, with one-third of them believing that people their own age were mostly unkind, compared to just 9% of boys in the same age bracket. …
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