Google Tech Talk (more info below) 30 September 2011 by Eshel Ben-Jacob Presented. ABSTRACT Scientific American placed Professor Eshel Ben-Jacob and Dr. Itay Baruchi the creation of a type of organic memory chip on the list of this year’s 50 most significant scientific discoveries in 2007. For the past decade, he has pioneered in the field of neurobiology, with emphasis. First on investigations of living neural networks outside the brain Learning from Bacteria about Information Processing Bacteria, the first and most important of all organisms, lead rich social life in complex hierarchical communities. Together they collect information, to learn from the environment, from the experiences of the past and to make decisions. Bacteria do not store genetically all the information required to efficiently environmental conditions on all possible. Instead, new encountered problems (challenges) to resolve emanating from the environment to test it first, the problem of collective defense, then recall stored information of past experience and finally execute distributed information processing of the 109-12 bacteria in the colony, thus turning the colony into super-brain. Mastermind because the billions of bacteria in the colony use sophisticated communication strategies to the intracellular networks calculation of each bacterium (including signaling path ways of billions of molecules) to connect to a network of networks. I will show illuminating movies of swarming intelligence

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