Accommodates up to three full-width pre-configured structured cabling panels delivering audio/video, voice and data to any room of the home or office. Secures interior components from dust and dirt, and can be mounted with either right or left-hand opening. Leviton’s Structured Media enclosure provides a centralized hub for the distribution of all of a home’s networking systems, providing homeowners with a reliable, secure, and flexible way of managing their wired homes. In bygone years, a home network needed only a cable TV connection and a phone line to be complete. Today’s homeowners, by contrast, expect the capability to perform many high-bandwidth activities, often simultaneously. Leviton’s Structured Media enclosure is an integral part of any structured wiring solution, enabling contractors and DIY homeowners to consolidate their home networking products into a single location.

At a Glance28-inch Structured
Media Center
At A Glance:
Central distribution point for all of a home’s networking hubs

Organizes telephone, TV, multiroom audio, and high-speed data for a home

Includes cutout for power module for use with any active gear like ISP modems

Can be surface-mounted or recessed

Holds up to eight distribution modules

At a Glance Leviton Structured Media Enclosure
A typical installation of the enclosure shows the components of a structured wiring solution (click to enlarge). An Expandable Hub for Your Wired Home
The 28-inch Structured Media enclosure is designed to organize and integrate all the networking needs of a three- to five-bedroom house, including a home office or den. The Structured Media enclosure provides a convenient termination point for wiring home runs from wall outlets and has the added benefit of cleaning up the haphazard tangles of wires that comprise most home networks. Based on the kind of structured hubs employed in commercial applications, it’s the ideal way to centralize the home’s telephone, television, multiroom audio, and high-speed data networks.

At 28 inches tall by 14 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep, the enclosure provides ample space for different distribution model configurations. Depending on selection and density, the enclosure comfortably houses up to eight distribution modules, such as coaxial cable-based signals or Cat 5e communications equipment. A cut-out in the base of the enclosure accommodates a power module for any active equipment that is placed in the enclosure (for example, modems, routers, or active switches).

Flexible Installation for Unique Needs
The Structured Media enclosure is designed to facilitate installation flexibility, reduce jobsite labor costs, and enable DIY installation—perfect for retrofits as well as new construction. Included in this kit is a corrugated mud guard that protects the interior of the enclosure. The enclosure can be mounted flush with a surface or mounted in wall. To prevent the enclosure from falling through wall studs during installation, the enclosure sidewalls feature positive tabs that can be folded out. The included enclosure cover, made of 18-gauge steel, features a ¾-inch overlap designed to mask any irregular drywall cuts, ensuring a clean-looking installation.

What’s in the Box
Included in this kit are one 28-inch metal Structured Media center, one flush-mount metal cover, one corrugated mudguard, four No. 10 1-inch wall mounting screws, and six self-healing foam grommets for cable routing.
Leviton Structured Media CenterLeviton Structured Media CenterrUp to eight distribution models can be mounted in the enclosure
matrix using special push-lock pins (click each to enlarge).

4 thoughts on “Leviton 102-47605-28W 28″ Structured Media Enclosures with Cover

  1. Vivek Gupta says:

    Great results, but not always necessary In my home I have every room (and sometimes multiple connections per room) wired for ethernet as that allows for a faster home network than available with wi-fi. This is great for speed, however becomes very messy in the basement where all the wires come together. The same goes for telephone and cable wires. This is where a structured media enclosure such as this one: and the patch panel: come in handy. The enclosure let’s you run all of the wires into it through holes (there are multiple holes at the top that can be knocked out) then you wire each of the ethernet cables into the patch panel. This let’s you make it easy to identify which connections go to a given room and then short ethernet cables…

  2. Mark Taylor "markdtaylor" says:

    For new construction only As a professional installer, if you have enough wiring to justify getting one of these boxes (or if you just want to have neater cables and equipment), do yourself a favor and get a 19″ wall-mount equipment rack instead. I install structured wiring in homes, and in most cases, if you have room for an in-wall enclosure, you have room for a small rack. Racks come in in both height and depth (search amazon for “wall mount rack”) to fit anyone’s needs.In my experience, racks *always* make for neater and easier to maintain wiring. Structured media enclosures, no matter the manufacturer or size, just don’t give you enough room. Installers can do a good job of making these boxes *look* neat, but that only lasts until your first upgrade. In my experience,…

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