10/100 Base-T Ethernet Switch, 8-Port for LIN Integrated Network, Structured Media, Network and Internet, UPC: 07847709368

2 thoughts on “Leviton 47611-8PT 10/100Mbps 8-Port Ethernet Switch

  1. Robert E. Rappaport "SierraTech" says:

    Slow for the Price and Poor Static Protection When I built my house, I installed two different Leviton Structured Media Centers {SMC} (a great way to organize all network, telephone and Smart House interfaces). I purchased this unit in 2004 along with Leviton Data Expansion Module (P/N 47605-CB5), and paid around $150.00 for the switch. A little more than a year later I accidentally touched the end of a CAT-5e cable while plugging it in on my laptop and a static discharge jumped from my finger to the RJ-45 connector (the other end of the cable cable was connected to wall RJ-45 Jack which connected to Leviton 47611-8PT Switch). Two days later the Internet went down in the house, and I traced it down to the failure of Leviton 47611-8PT switch (Computers showed Active Ethernet connection, but the entire network was down).I replaced it with a Netgear 10/100/1000 Gigabit 8-port switch (it actually had an “Earth Ground” terminal for static protection, and paid around $50.00 for it, which is a lot less than my original…

  2. James W. Ross MD says:

    Works well with Open House structured wiring boxes When we moved into our new house the structured wiring box was a total “rat nest” of wires. Using this I was able to bring order to an otherwise messy situation. It works well, installation is a snap, and I recommend it! It will lock into the Open House box as it should.Note that you must isolate the Cat-5 wires from the phone wires if you have only one Cat5 home run wiring in your house. Otherwise when you plug in a Cat5 cable to a remote PC, it will short out your phone system!

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