Hi RV Jerry here and I’m sharing my networking skills with those whom want to know more about computer networks. I explain networks in a simple form stopping short of confusing you with techinical details. I include some techincal IP numbers that will help you set up a network router. I include routers, hubs, network cameras and computers. Although I have use different brands, I have Linksys for my home network. There are five lessons as of 4/6/09.
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Steve Baker from Telstra mobility products, previews the TelstraOne hub which will appear on Telstra’s range of Windows Phone 7 smartphones later this year. The app, which is in the final stages of development, will provide customers with fast, simple and graphic-rich access to unmetered news, weather and sport content. The hub takes news and sports feeds from BigPond and displays them live on media tiles on the phone. It will be available alongside Windows Phone 7 hubs containing social networking, music and video, games, pictures and apps – amongst other features.

8 thoughts on “Network Lesson 3

  1. ralexand56 says:

    @wesscoast You clearly don’t understand the interface. The reason that the tiles are bigger is because it can prevent info on the tile without requiring you to load an app to get the info you want.

  2. wesscoast says:

    “Its not driven by icons” … actually it is, you can call them whatever you want, buttons, tiles, plates, squares. They’re just big huge icons. So big, in fact, that you have to scroll up and down just to see one page. Imagine having 100 tiles for 100 apps. Have fun with that.

  3. goodbyemoff says:

    @tullyscurry Least with WP7, the Telstra One Hub can be completely uninstalled, and redownloaded later if you like from the marketplace.

    Least the hub actually looks good, unlike android which is just undeleteable internet shortcuts

  4. tullyscurry says:

    more pointless telstra bloatware. How about with the next android handset released you dont put your own custom rom on it, Then i would be allready on 2.2 froyo on desire. Instead I have to root my handset and put a custom rom on it because I have to wait months for a bloated telstra 2.2. As a possibility; why don’t you offer on the market place these applications if the customer so chooses to download it?

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