This module provides some general clarity regarding the differences between common network devices such as firewalls, routers, switches and hubs. There will be several more modules covering these devices and their usage. Please take notes or bookmark this video as it will assist you in remembering these fundamental network device roles.
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  1. adiithyan says:

    @whoizthedrizzle hi dude.. i agree with spell mistake…….i had not expressed about the quality of the content or subject . over here….. i had expressed only the quality of the video presented here……. yes pronunciation is not good enough to understand clearly…….I wanted to thank the person who had presented this video for presenting it…..i had just commented…. donot want to hurt any one

  2. buggsy2 says:

    Yep these are great. I do amateur networking to support a small business and the existing network has a hub in it…needed to know the diff btwn hub, switch, and router and you guys explain it very well. Thanks mate!!

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