question of Slipperman : What is the difference between a network hub and a router
I have four computers all on a network hub (“wired” network, not “wireless”) connected. One of the computer has a USB broadband modem. The others all share is that an internet connection so that the computer be turned on when the others are to use the internet, hat.Ich’ve heard that a router makes things different, but I’m not sure what the difference is . You can use the various other options available to me Best Answer:

Reply by Sam F
A router is a managed separation of an Internet signal, a network hub splits easy it is to share between multiple devices. If you are simply splitting the signal between a computer and a game system together with a stroke when the signal between computers using a router.

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  1. CurtisGregory says:

    A hub only “shares” on the Internet. A router assigns IP addresses and makes it so that you can share an Internet connection. It would go Modem> Router -> All Computers. If you use the USB modem, then you can not have a router. Otherwise, you get a router. Routers also have a “hardware” firewall can (much better than a software one), the block is unused ports so nothing you do not access the Internet (such as Trojans and spyware).

  2. John D M B says:

    Very simplified explanation: A Network Hub allows computers with which to communicate with the hub. It allows NetBIOS communication between computers fo a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. This is good up to about 10 computers. If you have a server connected to the hub, all the computer setup to log into the server. This is a Lacal Area Network (LAN). Router you can connect computers to multiple networks (LANs) and the Internet. You can configure the router to automatically connect to the internet and set restrictions, firewalls, etc. The router can be set to obtain an IP address by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and have differnet IP addresses for computers conected to it ( LAN or P2P).

  3. yahoo says:

    Hello Dear, Simple answer: Router can do what tut.Switch can not switch like a router to tun.Tief Antwort.Ein router is a more sophisticated network device than either a switch or a hub. Such as hubs and switches, network routers are typically small, box-shaped pieces of equipment that multiple computers can connect. Each has a number of “ports” the front or back that provide the connection points for these computers, a connection for electric power, and a series of LED lights to display device status. While routers, hubs and switches all share similar appearance differ substantially in their routers Innenleben.Traditionelle routers are designed to multiple networks (LANs and WANs) beizutreten.Im Internet or on a large corporate network, such as routers serve as intermediate targets for the network traffic. These routers receive TCP / IP packets, look in each packet to identify the source and destination IP addresses, then forward these packets as needed to ensure that the data its final destination erreicht.Router for home networks (often as broadband routers) also can join multiple networks. These routers are specific to the home (LAN) to the Internet (WAN) are designed for the purpose of Internet connection sharing. In contrast, neither stroke nor switches which for connection of a plurality of networks, or an Internet connection. A home network with only hubs and switches must designate one computer as the gateway to the Internet, and the device has two network adapters for sharing, one for the internet and have a home LAN to the WAN. With a router, all home computers to the router equally, and it performs the appropriate gateway Funktionen.Darüber broadband routers also contain several features beyond those of traditional routers. Broadband routers provide DHCP server and proxy support, for example. Most of these routers also offer integrated firewalls. Finally, wired Ethernet broadband router typically include an integrated Ethernet switch. This router can have multiple hubs or switches are connected with them, as a means to expand the local network and other Ethernet devices unterzubringen.In home networking, hubs and switches technically exist only for wired networks. Wi-Fi wireless routers contain a built-in access point, roughly comparable to a wired switch.

  4. James O says:

    Technically you already have a router. My computer is on the Internet to send data to the other computers. If you buy a router, it will take the place of this computer and so you do not have the same feature to your power hungry PC running 24 / 7th Moreover, it is safer and more reliable, a simple device that is designed for this task performed wird.Ein router like a Linksys or D-Link router really just a specialized mini-computers that a single task as a proxy between your computers in your home computers and the Internet hat.Ein router shares an Internet connection, making it look like you only have one computer on the Internet. A hub only allows multiple computers on a network communicate directly with each other.

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