This looks at network dynamics. The objective is to understand the common themes that different networks have both in the physical and social world. Some of the big hitters like Duncan Watts and Barabasi are featured here. Popular ideas like six degrees of separation is also investigated

21 thoughts on “A documentary on networks, social and otherwise_Part 1

  1. number6of6the6beast says:

    does anyone think on how he said there doesnt have to be a conductor when things are running in unison that this could lead the answer to a way of politicising people in a truly democratic way that does not result in elites of society? a more free society? where perhaps crime is naturally discourages in the mind?

  2. damongoloids says:

    check minute 5 is what pimps does u make the first contact with the girl, n then the girl do the rest, u just have to wait till she make her next move n she is gonna come closer

  3. slipshodcoqbgg says:

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  4. teeageea says:

    I saw this documentary on the ABC here in Australia about 6 months ago and it was FANTASTIC!! I am glad to have seen it again (although the final video is not uploaded yet). This is a brilliant mathematical way of looking at anything…LOVE IT!!!

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