www.mindbites.com This lesson is part of a 4-lesson series in which Thom Singer covers why to network, how to meet people, how to build and cultivate relationships,and how to stand out from the crowd. In this lesson, he explains why you need to build your professional network. Lesson Overview: 1. Your business network and your competition 2. When and how networking will pay dividends 3. Return on time invested to build your personal network 4. The importance of visibility and credibility Other lessons in this series include: Business Networking: How? (www.mindbites.com Business Networking: After We’ve Met (www.mindbites.com Business Networking: Standing Out (www.mindbites.com Thom Singer is an expert in social networking and developing a personal brand. He has worked in sales and marketing capacities at several Fortune 100 companies and regularly speaks to corporate audiences about the power of business relationships. Additionally, he has authored several books about professional networking and developed The Networking Quotient Quiz, an interactive survey that helps professionals measure and compare their networking skills with their peers. To learn more about Thom Singer or his books on networking, networking for women, and networking with LinkedIn, check out www.thomsinger.com. Thom Singer has more than 18 years of sales and marketing experience with firms such as RR Donnelley, Brobeck Phleger & Harrison LLP, Andrews Kurth LLP, Marsh, Inc., and Wells Fargo Bank. He is

3 thoughts on “Business Networking Part I: Why?

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  2. managerofwealth says:

    Thom, do you know how to sing? Just kidding. Anyways, I like your video very much. You sound so intelligent and professional. I wish I could invite you to our seminars here in Baltimore, MD. Keep it up, I’m sure be back to your channel and check your latest videos.

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