www.tstc.edu Computer Networking at Texas State Technical College. Communications networks of computers and routing devices are no longer luxuries. Today business, government, and individuals depend on reliable connections to communication systems that transmit and receive information instantaneously over long distances. Computers, the cornerstones of new communication systems, connect networks that link information through fiber optic, wireless or satellite media. The Computer Networking & Systems Administration department prepares technicians to build and manage these communication systems. Instructional coursework offers insight into computer network design, implementation and management. Computer Networking & Systems Administration at Texas State Technical College offers specializations in System Administration, Microsoft and UNIX, in addition to the standard CNS curriculum. All associate degrees now include four courses in Cisco Systems networking with emphasis on router and switch configuration. These courses cover all of the material needed for the student to achieve the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification.The two-year CNS program includes classroom and laboratory instruction that focuses on building extensive experience in Microsoft, Novell Netware and UNIX System Administration. The Associate of Applied Science degree program includes courses covering client operating systems, server operating systems, Cisco equipment, NetWare, UNIX, Windows Network

Creating a local area network through ethenet and modems.

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  1. FrosDOwnz says:

    @jdog634 This is latePentium III, early Pentium IV era lol I can tell by the computers and that it’s from a VHS tape because of the video, sound quality and just the style of film. xD

  2. playmay35 says:

    can i create a lan with antenna in order to monitor my property from a distance about 2 km? meaning to hava a pc and camera at my property and another pc at home. can these 2 pcs connected through lan? without paying for internet.

  3. SmokinMo11 says:

    We know its the basics of connection granny…Its the age of the video. it’s classic.This video cannot be denied its place in the pc museum.This is the vid that should greet everyone at the door like at disneyWorld.ppl lock you in the 1st room when you enter the museum & turn out all the lights,then pop on this video b4 you take your tour thru the Hall of pc’s.This could be creepier than Mr.Toads ride.LOL!!

  4. sickcombos says:

    plz tell me, i have my laptop connected to a router…explain me how the router is connected,how I know which topology it is, how it is LAN and how I know its WAN plz expain me, because i have exam and i am unable to understand.

  5. JSErwine says:


    As a field tech that installs anything from cisco systems to avia, xp is still the industry standard. You are right that vista is a huge fail, because of this no one wants to upgrade to 7.

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