Keith Ferrazzi, author and host of, shares how to work a room without working the room.

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28 thoughts on “Help me: I feel uncomfortable at networking events!

  1. lauril65 says:

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  2. ajabkhankhan says:

    You are Perfect person for teaching you can make people understand things more easy then reading boring books But some time you become non serious i am talking about the stupid funny new video and the black man videos

  3. anzwertree says:

    Boston explained everything fine. You’re just in over you’re head. This video isn’t even discussing IP addresses. TCP/IP and Physical Addresses are two different things, operating on different layers. An IP address identifies a computer over the Internet. A MAC address is a 48-bit number associated with your network interface card (hardware). Every NIC in the world has a unique address (48-bit possible) that identify NIC’s over a network. IP addresses are ordinarily dynamic

  4. DanielXP2006 says:

    Aint your IP going to be a private ip such as 192.168…?
    If so I don’t see why you want to keep that secret.

    I don’t think you have explained this well either.

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