Cisco Lab @ IPv6 Networks Inc. pt.2

IPv6 Networks Inc. is a leading IT solutions provider, services and products for businesses of all sizes in various sectors in Ghana. IPv6 networks offer a wide range of products and services for small and medium enterprises and large organizations and also have a specialized department healthcare IT solutions. “When we IPv6Net take great pride in what we do and always strive to offer the highest level of service to our customers. We value our customers very much and work hard to earn not only their business but also their confidence.” How a team, we continuously improve our services and develop new solutions that benefit our customers from these improvements and developments. 90% of new business on recommendations from existing customers based on their experience with IPv6Net solutions. It is very rewarding for the whole team when our Customers often tell us that the service is excellent offered by IPv6Net Solutions. IPv6 networks (GHANA) LIMITED SERVICES  ICT Consultancy  Infrastructure Assessment, design and implementation  Network Support and rollouts  Remote Access Assessment, design and implementation  Day-to Day-System Maintenance and Support IT Managed Services    Internet Connectivity Solutions integration of compatible IT products, network management solutions   Network Security (firewalls / routers / switches / Intrusion Detection, etc.)  VSAT & Wireless Network Installation and advice  Fiber Optic Backbone
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