Spiritual Networking is a cutting edge concept that transcends the usual networking notion. Spiritual Networking in itself embraces many aspects and manifestations that pertain to human connections. It is a Holistic and Organic approach, and a way to use a new outlook to translate connections. Being part of a growing multifaceted community can enrich our lives, and at the same time create a myriad of new possibilities for interactions, relationships and connections. As we organize into a normal social network, Humanity Healing is setting the standard, providing the backdrop of Global Service, Ethical Standards, and Professional Excellency. Humanity Healing’s concept of Spiritual Networking can be condensed down to this single concept: to make this world a better place by gathering as many willing hearts as possible, be they individuals or organizations, and assisting with synchronization so that together we can send our actions and intentions out through the connection of our shared Humanity. The Ripple Effect concept has been a labor of love for Humanity Healing. The pebble has been dropped. The ripple is spreading. Will you be a part of the wave? Community Network: www.humanityhealing.ning.com Main Website: www.humanityhealing.net Foundation Website: www.humanityhealing.org ©2009 Humanity Healing Music: Enya, Athair Ar NeamahFAIR USE NOTICE This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We
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25 thoughts on “Spiritual Networking

  1. Ettenyl56 says:

    This is indeed so beautiful. How easy it is to forget that we are enmeshed together in this sea of Cosmic energy and nothing goes unaffected by our thoughts, words, or deeds. When our motivation is love for whatever we do, then we create harmony. We’ve been conditioned towards competitive thinking believing ourselves as separate while struggling to survive. Moving past survival mode relinquishes the belief that we must compete with others in order to live in the desired state of tranquility.

  2. moonshineonme75013 says:

    “Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens. ”
    ~ Kahlil Gibran

  3. ObiWanGinobiliTopFan says:

    @iousup That’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard (or read) anyone say (or type) about God since I started researching the whole “God-stuff” about 20 years ago. The thing you said about US – us people – being Godlike or Gods ourselves or having the same powers as God or whatever you said – that was the most profound part of your statement. Great insight, and I think it’s very true – VERY true. Lately I’ve been thinking the same thing so that really grabbed me when Iread it and I agree 100%

  4. baviperbry86 says:

    @iousup Have you ever considered of Religion/God, science, and spirituality all the same essence just interpreted in different lightings… OR Religion/God, science, and spirituality go hand in hand and benefits from one another HENCE “spiritual networking” . . . this is why it doesnt matter if your an athiest, agnostic, religious – matter of the fact is if you look at those all as ONE – it all comes down to you’re awareness and consciousness of the divine and everything around.

  5. 2012DarkKnight says:

    ~ Namaste brothers and sisters, the beauty of life is spent together with others. As we share our compassion and light with each other, The size of our drop increases as do the ripples exponentialy. ~ Individual charms and gifts are the hints to our purpose and task. Sharing love and light always meets resistance from the hands of the greedy, self righteous, and arrogant. When our personal talents are combined as the single conscious being of structure that we are, Anything is possible. ~<3~

  6. whatthehell81 says:

    There is Spiritual warfare between light and darkness, wrongly called good and evil, even if it resembles in a way.

    Yep, astral planes, mind reading, manipulation of energies between people and “inside” people, pokemon like (i call em like that, others say angels or demons to them) beeings, vibrating on another level…..

    It´s war and before anybody will allow all humans to get their full conciosness working, they want to be sure on which side you are, no matter if you realize it or not.

  7. Philosophicalish says:

    I am unsure what is this awakening, as i am waked, there is what I see, what i do, and what is done. I as most, contribute to this so called cause and effect. I am a philosopher and with that must ask the question. It is frustrating when you inspire forward thinking when you refere to what is done in the past. A quote to say this or that has had done in the past only make you the teacher philosopher student, one who lives on the attachment of that quote. Originally is evolution in progress.

  8. Gemendelos says:

    Very nice clips and nice music.like it alot!We are evolving and many of us are waking up to our true self,our realization as ourselfes as a part of the whole,a part of that bigger force sourrounding everything.To listen to some good electronic ,deep and spiritual music you can check my page if you feel like it,have a great day,save earth and natur from destruction and pollution!

  9. 26mel1 says:

    All of the ppl here that argue here & pretend to understand the teachings of Yeshua , don’t have even an iota of knowledge or any wisdom to Fully grasp His meaning !
    I strongly advise reading Gnostic Scriptures they basicly teach same thing that HH Team is presenting to you all , IMAO ! btw, did you also knew that the John’s Book of Revelation wasn’t included in NT for approx. 8 centuries , because it was deemed a heretical too ! lol ! Please people open your eyes .

  10. pimmagrimm says:

    @iousup Hold up here? Spirituality is the foundation on which religion was formed not the other way round. Spirituality embraces all, religion segregates, so how does that not encompass an all loving godliness?

  11. AinfiniteUcreationsM says:

    @iousup “it is correct to say that the ocean has become the wave, not that the wave is the ocean. for the ocean can remain without the wave but the wave cannot remain without the ocean” – paramhansa yogananda

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